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Estimate Shipping Cost - PrestaShop Module: Calculate shipping cost per product SEE MORE IMAGES

Estimate Shipping Cost

Calculate shipping cost on the product page

Help your customers to know in advance the shipping costs before adding product to cart. Transmits transparency and confidence to your customers.

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PrestaShop 1.6.X

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Shipping costs clear and transparent

Go ahead questions from your customers offering them a shipping cost calculator directly on the sheet. With them you avoid having surprises to discover the shipping cost, while you give an image of reliability and professionalism as you will have available all shipping costs before they have to take the purchase or register.

Just adding a button on the same sheet, so that your customers can easily calculate the cost of sending that particular product. You can ask the customer the following fields:

  • Destination country
  • Province
  • Postal Code

With these variables and depending on the rates you have loaded on your carrier within the prestashop, whether it is for an amount or weight, you can offer your customers an easy way to calculate your shipping costs. All information is displayed to the user in a popup within the sheet without having to reload the page, ask you to register or to add the product to the cart.

This module is available in English and Spanish, this module is further prepared to translate into the languages ​​you have installed on the store manager through translations of Prestashop.

Summary of features:

  • Inserts a button to know the shipping costs in sheet.
  • Popup javascript to display shipping costs once the country and the province entered target.
  • Configurable fields to request the customer in the back office of prestashop.
  • Does not require the customer to register or add product to cart.
  • Module ready to translate into any language translations from the manager prestashop.
  • No programming knowledge is required to install and configure.


User guide Spanish.

User guide English.



Each license is valid for a single domain (not including sub-domains).

If you have PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6 and use the "Multi-Store" is not necessary to pay more licenses. When you go shopping, you should place the domain of the main store.


The license and functionality of the module is a lifetime, ie after the first 6 months, you can still use the module without free updates and without support, although the ideal is that you always have our latest version and our support for possible problems or questions.

To purchase the upgrade and expansion of support for 6 months (180 days) will have to buy this expansion paying 50% of the cost of the module (more details).


[ADD] = Adding New Functionality
[MOD] = Modifications and upgrades
[FIX] = Fix problems or errors (bugs)

PrestaShop 1.7

V1.0.0 (11/27/2017)
- New version for PrestaShop 1.7

PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

V2.0.1 (01/19/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module rg_chilexpress (Rolige v1.4.1).
[*] MOD: Now you can add estimated days per carrier from the estimated delivery date.
[*] MOD: Now hide the column of estimated days if nothing is configured.
[-] FIX: Fixed bug when calculating estimated shipping and the carrier is free, shows the total of products as free.
[-] FIX: Fixed problem with the bootstrap in some PrestaShop templates.

V2.0.0 (11/27/2017)
[+] ADD: Possibility of adding the estimated delivery days by transport, country, province, postal code and city.
[+] ADD: Option to show a field to change the quantities of the product and know its shipping value.
[+] ADD: Option to show a button to add the product to the cart.
[+] ADD: Option to filter the list of countries and states, to facilitate your search.

V1.0.9 (09/11/2017)
[+] ADD: Option to show or not, the total shipping costs per carrier adding the price of the product.

V1.0.8 (06/06/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "DHL" carrier module.
[-] FIX: If the postal code was not sent to a country that needed it, it gave a problem.

V1.0.7 (05/29/2017)
[+] ADD: Option to show or not the city selection to calculate the shipping.

V1.0.6 (04/20/2017)
[-] FIX: When there was only one country was shown, it was not selected and did not let it be the calculation.
[-] FIX: If it was to disable displaying the country, the country was not used by default giving error.

V1.0.5 (02/28/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "hsmultiaccessoriespro".
[*] MOD: Modification of some texts in English.

V1.0.4 (02/06/2017)
[-] FIX: Depending on the configuration of carriers, it did not show results.

V1.0.3 (12/07/2016)
[+] ADD: Option to show or not the description of the carrier.
[+] ADD: Option to change the color to the button that calculates the cost.

V1.0.2 (09/19/2016)
[+] ADD: Option to hide the list of states.

- New version for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

Ratings and comments from our customers

Modulo útil y necesario. Servicio de soporte con respuesta rápida
Perfecto, anda barbaro. Se lo recomiendo a todos!
A must buy, it is very helpful! The technical support fixed all bugs that we found, moreover they have implemented suggested improvements very quickly.
Módulo perfecto para mi tienda, buen diseño y fácil configuración. El soporte técnico es espectacular, te responden rápido y solucionan todos los problemas que puedas tener. Lo recomiendo 100%
Ahora los clientes pueden calcular ellos sólos sin tener que pedirlo :)
Great module, great support!
Un detalle muy bueno para los clientes. Va perfecto
Como siempre excelente soporte y aunque el modulo al inicio no se ajustaba a mis necesidades, me ayudaron mucho para que al final asi fuera.
No comments
Nice Module and fast and correct Support.!!! keep walking.
Module is very good and works fine, just an issue, there are problems to apply translation from back office, I have to rename es.php file to it.php file to obtain it.
Me gusta!, funciona muy bien y sin duda ayuda a las ventas
El módulo tenía algunos pequeños errores que el equipo de Presteam resolvió con gran diligencia y profesionalidad. Una vez solucionados, el módulo funciona a las mil maravillas.
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