Quotation OPC - Your customers can generate a PDF cart budget   See screenshots (10)

Quotation OPC


Now your customers and visitors can generate a PDF budget of their shopping cart.

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PrestaShop 1.7.X


PrestaShop 8.X

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📑 What is Quotation OPC module for PrestaShop?

Allow your customers to save a PDF budget with the information of their shopping cart: products, carrier and total purchase.

What functionalities does the Quotation OPC module offer?

➤ Custom text in the footer

If you need to add an additional informative text to the PDFs of quotes that are generated. Additionally, you will be able to place a text according to the languages configured in your store.

➤ Consecutive number

Configure a consecutive number with which you want to start the numbering of each quote generated.

➤ Associate CMS

Thinking about the security of your customers and your store, you can associate a CMS with the content to authorize the consent of data collection and the conditions of the service provided.

➤ Budget Copy

Configure the different emails in which you want to obtain a copy of the budgets that are generated.

➤ Budget history

You will be able to access a list of all the budgets generated, in order to measure the performance of this service and then follow up with the data collected within your CRM.

➤ Translation

Like all the modules developed by PresTeamShop, you will have the option to translate the different texts of the module into the language that you have in your store in a more agile way.

➤ Code editor

Another very interesting functionality that our modules offer is the editing of Javascript and CSS code within the module configuration without the need to enter your server to edit files.

We recommend only using this functionality if you are knowledgeable, otherwise leave these Javascript and CSS customizations to your programmer.

Quotation OPC

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PrestaShop 1.7 & 8

v.4.0.2 (09/13/2023)

- Compatibilities:
- #QOPC-T6: Compatibility with PrestaShop 8 is added.
- #QOPC-T6: Compatibility with checkout v5 of the One Page Checkout PrestaShop module is added - PresTeamShop.

PrestaShop 1.7

v.4.0.1 (09/01/2022)

New feature and improvement
- We remove the shoppingCart hook and implement the displayReassurance hook.
- Now the phone field allows characters and symbols, not just numbers.
- The image of the product is no longer displayed in the PDF, to avoid problems in products that do not have an image.

v.4.0.0 (06/25/2022)

- New version. Only available for versions 1.7.

PrestaShop 1.6

v.1.0.2 (07/06/2017)

[+] ADD: User Guides (ES-EN).
[+] ADD: Options in the configuration of the module (Text editors - Other modules - Suggestions).
[+] ADD: Information in the email and PDF of the budget sent by the client (Budget number - Customer name - Email - Phone - Date - Comment).
[+] ADD: Field in the budget submission form to add a comment to this one.
[+] ADD: Option to view budget history sent by clients.

v.1.0.1 (06/25/2017)

[+] ADD: Field in the Back Office to configure emails to copy the budgets sent by the clients.

Ratings and comments from our customers

Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Alacant, Spain)
Un muy buen módulo para generar presupuestos PDF en el carrito. ¿Haréis adaptación a la versión 1.7?
 -   (ZAFRA, Spain)
Cómo siempre... Profesionales y rapidez. Muchas gracias!!
 -   (ZAFRA, Spain)
Modulo perfecto. Igual que todos los que desarrollan PresteamShop ...