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The main reason in the load ballast of your online store are large images and not optimized. With this module for PrestaShop, you will be able to optimize the images of your online store easily and simply, in addition to achieving a better user experience.

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Operation and Optimization

If you are concerned about optimizing your online store to offer a better user experience, reSmush Optimize Image for PrestaShop is what you were looking for. And is that, thanks to the ability to compress the images of your online platform, you can offer better load times and be among the top positions of the SERPs.

However, this is not your only virtue. In fact with low load times you can achieve a great user experience by not having to make a potential customer have to stay in your online store for more time than the account.

What are the features of reSmush Optimize Image?

Before talking about all your benefits you will have to determine what is the degree of compression you can get in the images you have in your online store. For this, we offer you a link so you can carry out this task.

>>> Check the compression ratio of the images in your online store <<< Once the purchase is made, there will be no refunds.

Now that you know the degree of optimization of which parts, we will tell you everything that reSmush Optimize Image can offer you.

  • Compatible with all types of formats. It does not matter if you work with a specific image format in your online store. With this module designed for PrestaShop you can compress images that are in JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF format. In this way you only have to worry about offering a good image and a good user experience since this module will take care of the rest.
  • Optimize all your products. If you are one of those who like to take their own photographs to offer some details that would otherwise be impossible, there is no problem. With reSmush Optimize Image you will be able to achieve a complete optimization of each and every one of these images.
  • It uses the technology of To optimize your images by eliminating the bytes of non-essential information they contain, achieving optimization ratios of up to 30%, all without losing any of these images or a bit of quality.
  • Types of images to optimize. Compress the images of suppliers, products, categories, manufacturers and template images. Of all it is known that the images that come from the databases of suppliers and manufacturers are not always as optimized as they should. Well, now you can compress these images so that you will continue to offer all the details that your suppliers and the manufacturers themselves want to offer but without compromising, in any way, the performance of your online store at any time.
  • Improve the images of the templates. Something similar to what we have said a moment ago happens with some templates for PrestaShop. However, with this module this will not be a problem. You only have to worry that the template you have chosen meets what you need and reSmush Optimize Image will be responsible for compressing those images that can make the performance of your online store suffer.

Before concluding it is interesting to add that reSmush Optimize Image has an optimization percentage lower than that of (approximately 10% to 20% for reSmush and 30% to 50% in

As a final conclusion, it could be said that this module is essential if you need to improve the performance of your online store in terms of load times, you will not have to worry anymore, since each new image you upload will automatically be optimized for the system.



PrestaShop 1.6

v.2.0.1 (07/04/2017)

[+] ADD: You can now display a detail of the images that have been optimized automatically when uploading.
[*] MOD: Changed to the new reSmush API URL.

v.2.0.0 (10/10/2016)

- This new version of the module is fully improved for better control of optimized images.

Ratings and comments from our customers

Ratings and comments from our customers

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nice a easy module!!!
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Excellent Module!!!!!
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