PTS Stripe

PTS Stripe


Improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce by allowing your customers to pay through different gateways.

Make it easier for users to purchase your products by simplifying the purchase process with a wide variety of methods and forms adapted to payment by credit card.

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💳 What is the PTS Stripe module for PrestaShop?

The PrestaShop PTS Stripe module allows you to add a wide variety of payment methods to your Online store, making it easier for customers to buy your products and increasing the conversion rate of your website.

In addition, this system offers a one-click payment option, credit card-friendly forms and the ability to store card data for future purchases.

It is a very easy module to configure, in just 10 minutes you can start to improve your conversion rate, allowing the collection of orders through different payment gateways. It is also 100% compatible with our One Page Checkout PrestaShop quick purchase module.

PTS Stripe Module Features

  • Enable or disable the "zip code" field. For cards from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Compatibility with payment methods. Especially the payment methods iDEAL (for Dutch customers), Bancontact (for Belgian customers), SOFORT (for German and Austrian customers), Giropay (for German customers), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • Returns or Refunds. It can easily be done from the module configuration.
  • Availability in coins. Available in more than 135 currencies.
  • Enable or disable test mode. The "live" and "test" options are available in the plugin.
  • Easy installation and handling. It does not require code editing nor is it necessary for you to have programming knowledge since both the installation and the administration are done from the configuration panel.
  • It does not require programming knowledge. You just have to install and configure it to start working with it. You will not have to program anything and in a few minutes you will have it operational.
  • Integrated translation manager. It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so that you can easily translate it to the language you want.
  • Compatible with PrestaShop. This module is compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7, and with our quick purchase module: One Page Checkout PrestaShop

Advantages of using PrestaShop's PTS Stripe for the merchant

  • Decrease the error rate when your customers insert their payment information.
  • Friendly payments (Responsive).
  • Security in all transactions made by your customers.
  • Support for the new European regulation: Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • All transactions use Stripe's Token feature that securely encrypts cardholder information, protecting the customer and merchant from potential theft.

Benefits of using PTS Stripe for the client

  • Wide variety of payment methods.
  • One-click payment options.
  • Very friendly form for payment by credit card.
  • Allows you to store your credit card information to use it for other purchases or at another time.

PTS Stripe

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PrestaShop 1.7 & 8

v.4.0.7 (03/16/2024)

Fixed Errors:
- Fixed an issue where transitioning from test to real orders would sometimes leave the test PaymentIntent unchanged, causing problems.
- Addressed a bug where changing the order total (e.g., by increasing quantities) did not update the amounts displayed on Apple Pay and Google Pay buttons to reflect the new total.
- Removed unnecessary page refresh when attempting to make payments, in both the native checkout and One Page Checkout 5.0.
- Improved compatibility with our previous version, One Page Checkout 4.
New Features and Improvements:
- Implemented payment through Klarna.
- Support PrestaShop 8.

PrestaShop 1.7

v.4.0.6 (07/26/2021)

- New feature and improvement:
- #PTSS-71: New option to enable / disable card payment.
- #R-67: Addition of NL, IT, BE and ES countries for payment by Sofort.
- #R-67: Now the payment used by the customer is recorded in the order.
- #R-67: The transaction within Stripe that gives the description of the store and the order number created.
- #R-68: Adding the 'receipt_email' field so that the payment notification arrives to the customer from Stripe.

v.4.0.5 (06/10/2021)

- Bug:
- PTSS-66: Error creating order with friendly URLs disabled.
- Improvement:
- PTSS-68: Code optimization and handling of possible problems in some types of transactions.

v.4.0.4 (01/16/2021)

- Bug:
- PTSS-63: In some cases the payment is made in Stripe but the order is not created in the store.

v.4.0.3 (12/23/2020)

- Bug:
- PTSS-50: Problem creating new customer orders when paying by Apple Pay or Google Pay.
- PTSS-53: It does not show the payment methods when the store handles more than two decimal places.
- PTSS-54: Redirect to a page with 500 error when entering wrong CVV.
- PTSS-55: 'Undefined' message when trying to pay without entering the card number.

v.4.0.2 (03/03/2020)

- Bug:
- PTSS-26: Orders are created with payments greater than the total purchase
- PTSS-31: Validation message is not displayed when leaving card data empty with the option 'Activate payment request buttons'
- PTSS-35: Error at the end of the purchase with Stripe
- PTSS-39: Error when making a refund greater than the purchase amount.
- Improvement:
- PTSS-33: Images are placed to the payment methods in the onepagecheckout

v.4.0.1 (12/04/2019)

- Bug:
- #R-39: Error adding product to cart.
- New Feature:
- #PTSS-17: New 'Information' tab in the module configuration.
- Improvement:
- #R-43: User Guide Update.

v.4.0.0 (11/14/2019)

- New version for PrestaShop 1.7.

Ratings and comments from our customers

Ratings and comments from our customers

 -   (Sevilla, Spain)
El módulo se integra perfectamente y el equipo de soporte me ayudó muy amablemente con la configuración de unos aspectos que no salían al principio. Muchas gracias al equipo de Presteamshop, hemos adquirido otros módulos y, como siempre, todo estupendo.
 -   (Kuopio, Finland)
Very easy to use, the customer can easily complete their CC payment on the one page checkout!