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Product Extra Tabs

Product Extra Tabs


Offers all the additional information that your clients need to help them in the purchase process, with this module you will not have more limitations to add tabs.

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PrestaShop 1.6.X


PrestaShop 1.7.X

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Accurate product information on the perfect site

Prestashop only has a general information tab, which often falls short to show all the information we want to show potential customers, and often, it is crucial information.

  1. Do you need to show information only to a group of clients?

  2. Does one of your manufacturers need an additional tab in their products to show information?

  3. Does one of your categories require that your products show additional operational information?

These are only some cases, in which this module could be solved, the combinations are multiple, in addition not only can you better organize the information you show, but you can also control how it is shown as this module allows changing the way that these tabs are shown (In accordion, vertical or horizontal).

The administration of the same one is easy from its own administration panel, it will avoid possible consultations of its clients showing more information in the products, at the same time that its percentages of conversion and sales improve.

What does the PrestaShop Product Extra Tabs module offer?

This module has been designed to be highly compatible and offers a huge number of functions. For that reason, we are going to review the most relevant ones.

  • Fully configurable tabs. The tabs in Product Extra Tabs are configurable to the maximum. Not only can you group them by categories, manufacturers or suppliers, regardless of the number, but you can design them by choosing the size and color you need for each occasion. Show global or generic tabs on all products in a specific category or on all products of all categories. Also, if you wish, you can include multimedia content such as images or videos to make them more dynamic thanks to the TinyMCE editor. The only limitation is your imagination and your design needs.

  • Special content. If you need certain tabs to be visible only to certain users, there is no problem. That way each one will be able to see the information that the provider wants to visualize. You can even have exclusive tabs for some providers or depending on some particular combination of parameters that the client selects.

  • Sort tabs to your needs. The tabs do not have to follow a pre-established order. Only you will be responsible for deciding the order in which you want them to be displayed, dragging and dropping (drag & drop). This way you can establish a specific sequence so that it has more impact in the face of a possible sale. Improve your results through experimentation (the order can only be changed between the tabs created, but not with the native tabs).

  • Integrated search engine. Thanks to the search engine that incorporates this module in the backoffice part you can search the tabs you need without having to navigate through countless pages. A remarkable time saving that will be noticed in the design.

  • Unlimited number of tabs. Do you need 50 tabs? Maybe 100? This is not a problem since the system supports as many tabs as you need in your product listings. The only limitation is imposed by you and, of course, the needs that the client may have.

  • Immediate activation and deactivation. This functionality will allow you to activate and deactivate as many tabs as you need in a single moment.

  • Get to know your clients. If you need to find out certain information about your customers, you will be able to get it thanks to the exclusive survey form style tab. A simple process to find out their preferences, needs and buying habits.

  • Highly compatibility. This module is compatible with versions 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop to ensure stable functionality.

Having the ability and flexibility to add information at a moment’s notice is invaluable when it comes to selling, and it is something that many online platforms lack. Never miss a sale again because of information missing from your store.


  • Copy the module folder in the folder of your installation PrestaShop modules, then go to your BackOffice for installation.
  • Does not require code editing or programming knowledge.



PrestaShop 1.7

v.4.0.0 (08/23/2019)

[+] ADD: The fields 'reference' and 'group' are shown in the list of contents saved for the tabs.
[+] ADD: It does not allow saving the configuration when the 'Ignore module selectors' field has spaces or does not start with a point or numeral.
[+] ADD: Functionality to add an identifier to the tabs, this can be used to add custom CSS content or javascript functions.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module leofeature - V2.1.6 of Leotheme.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'technoshop'.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'biomarket'.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'ZOneTheme'.
[*] MOD: Update user guide.
[-] FIX: When changing the combination of a product in the FrontOffice it did not show the reference, ean13, ISBN, UPC bar code and product stock for that combination.
[-] FIX: Combination-type tabs are removed from the drop-down list when adding bulk content.
[-] FIX: Each of the required values ​​for a tab is correctly validated by product combination.
[-] FIX: It is not allowed to change the tab type if the tab had already been added to the tab.
[-] FIX: The 'id_product' is sent from the PHP to avoid problems of selectors of the template when sending this ID.
[-] FIX: In some products with a combination it gave 500 error when checking if the product has content saved for the chosen combination.

v.1.1.2 (07/09/2018)

[+] ADD: Added functionality to add content by feature and feature value in the 'Add content' tab
[-] FIX: Error 500 when saving the contents of a tab from the product page in the BackOffice
[-] FIX: Fixed bug, when there are combinations and you have selected the native design did not show the content for the combinations

v.1.1.0 (12/06/2017)

[+] ADD: Add massive content by Products.
[*] MOD: Updating of user guides.
[-] FIX: Problem listing native tabs.
[-] FIX: It did not allow to edit categories from the BackOffice.
[-] FIX: Solution to minor problem when updating version.
[-] FIX: It did not allow to save content by combination.
[-] FIX: Solution when displaying the content by horizontal native combination.

v.1.0.1 (09/01/2017)

[+] ADD: Support for multiple templates 1.7.
[*] MOD: The user guide is updated.
[-] FIX: Fixed minor bugs reported.

v.1.0.0 (02/22/2017)

- New version for PrestaShop 1.7

PrestaShop 1.6

v.2.2.4 (08/23/2019)

[-] FIX: The contents of the tabs on the product page were shown duplicated when there is a multi-store.
[-] FIX: After the implementation of the internal name of the tabs, the content did not change when selecting a different tab when the 'Native horizontal' design is active, this only happened in some stores.
[+] ADD: Functionality so that customers can enter the internal name of the tabs.

v.2.2.2 (09/07/2018)

[+] ADD: Compatibility with the module 'deluxelopd' - Innovadeluxe
[-] FIX: Fixed bug with the latest versions of PrestaShop 1.6, the contact tab did not send messages to the administrator

v.2.2.1 (06/07/2018)

[+] ADD: Add massive content by Features.
[+] ADD: Option to remove the content of the tabs in bulk.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the 'lgcomments' module - Graphic Line.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'TrailMix'.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'OetN2017'.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'jms_notus'.
[*] MOD: Updating of user guides.
[-] FIX: Solution bug found when the module was in debug mode, said: 'tabs is not defined'.
[-] FIX: Fixed bug when creating massive content content for one or more products.
[-] FIX: Solution bug when listing manufacturers when it is multi-shop, the manufacturer repeats as many times as stores have installed.

v.2.2.0 (12/06/2017)

[+] ADD: Add massive content by Products.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the template 'theme1074'.
[*] MOD: Updating of user guides.
[-] FIX: The tabs of combinations without content were not hidden.
[-] FIX: Problem when upgrading old versions.
[-] FIX: Solution to minor problems in PrestaShop 1.5

v.2.1.0 (06/25/2017)

[-] FIX: A javascript error was generated by displaying the tabs when no content was created with our module.
[-] FIX: Module compatibility problem: Product Comments.
[-] FIX: Bug when saving massive content to the tabs.

v.2.0.9 (03/01/2017)

[+] ADD: Support for the 'theme1266' template.
[*] MOD: In the backoffice product tab now only shows the active languages for content creation.
[-] FIX: The product was not sent when creating a contact from the tab.
[-] FIX: Could not edit content with active multi-store.

v.2.0.8 (11/02/2016)

[+] ADD: Options to change colors to the tabs.
[*] MOD: Improved performance and code.
[-] FIX: Some versions of PHP fails to install the module.

v.2.0.7 (10/26/2016)

[+] ADD: It is now possible to sort between the tabs of the module and native, to move them to the beginning or end.
[+] ADD: Possibility to create content tabs in bulk.
[*] MOD: Improved compatibilities with modules and templates.
[-] FIX: Problem with tab contact form.

v.2.0.6 (09/02/2016)

[*] MOD: Code optimization.
[-] FIX: Fixes several reported problems with compatibilities of modules and templates.
[-] FIX: Problem solved security.

v.2.0.5 (07/20/2016)

[+] ADD: Polish translation.
[*] MOD: Optimizacion of SQL queries.
[*] MOD: Improved compatibility with PrestaShop Cloud.
[*] MOD: Compatibility with more templates.
[-] FIX: Error changing content language combinations.

v.2.0.4 (05/04/2016)

- [ADD] Option to display or not, tabs without content.
- [MOD] Compatibility with more templates.
- [MOD] Compatibility with modules positioned on the product page.

v.2.0.3 (03/07/2016)

- More options and many more improvements and compatibility with more templates.

v.2.0.2 (12/14/2015)

- More options and many more improvements and compatibility with more templates.

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