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Min Of Payment


Enhance the shopping experience in your store by customizing and optimizing payment options available based on the total value of your customers' cart contents

Minimum requirements: PHP 7.1.3 and PrestaShop 1.7.6.

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PrestaShop 8.X


PrestaShop 1.7.X

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What is the Min Of Payment module for PrestaShop?

Min Of Payment is an essential tool for customizing and optimizing the shopping experience in your PrestaShop store. This module allows you to set specific criteria for the visibility of your payment methods, ensuring that your customers have access to the right payment options based on the total value of their shopping cart.

Features of the PrestaShop Min Of Payment module

    This powerful PrestaShop module incorporates a wide range of features into your online store, such as:

    • Restrict the visibility of payment methods according to the cart total, with or without shipping costs included
    • Restrict the visibility of payment methods according to the total number of products in the cart.
    • Restrict the visibility of payment methods according to the minimum total discounts applied in the cart.
    • Minimum Amount Restriction Based on Shipping Cost: Useful for promotions that offer free shipping above a certain threshold
    • Minimum Wrapping Amount Restriction: Controls the visibility of payment methods based on the minimum cost of gift wrapping or other additional services.
    • Allows you to calculate the minimum amount restriction based on the cart total, with or without taxes.
    • Allows you to configure a minimum amount in the store's default currency, or if you wish, you can configure a different minimum amount for each currency in the store.
    • You can display a message in the checkout section informing the customer how much money they need to have in their cart to unlock a certain payment method.
    • Integrated translation manager: It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so that you can easily translate it to the language you want.
    • High compatibility for PrestaShop: This module is compatible with PrestaShop versions 8 and 1.7. And many more options that make this a very complete and professional module.

    You can obtain additional information about our One Page Checkout PS module (Easy, Fast, and Intuitive) by clicking here.

    Why use the “Min Of Payment” module?

    With the Min Of Payment module, you can optimize the management of payment methods in your PrestaShop store, providing a more personalized and efficient shopping experience for your customers. Simplify the purchasing decision process and improve conversion by offering relevant payment methods at the right time.

    Main benefits:

    • Advanced Customization: Ensure that your payment methods are displayed only when your specific purchase conditions are met
    • Improve the Customer Experience: Offer your customers a more personalized shopping experience by displaying relevant payment options for their carts.
    • Conversion Rate Improvement: By displaying relevant payment methods, you can increase customer confidence and conversion rates.
    • Complete Control of the Purchase Process: Keep control over how payments are managed in your store, aligning them with your marketing and sales strategies.

    Min Of Payment

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    PrestaShop 1.7 & 8

    v.5.0.0 (01/17/2024)

    New version for PrestaShop 8 & 1.7.