PrestaShop Modules 

PrestaShop Modules are the perfect complement for your Online store. Sell more and offer a better user experience thanks to our products developed by professionals and PrestaShop experts.

In addition, by purchasing one of our modules, you will have a support team that will help you and solve any questions you may have regarding its installation or use.

Our PrestaShop modules

Increase your sales by improving the conversions of your Online store with a more optimized checkout. Offer your customers a simpler purchasing process, with all the information they need on just one page.

Implement an advanced product filter and searcher with the Filter Products Pro module for PrestaShop. Make it easy for your potential customers to get to the product page they are looking for through intelligent interactive filters. Allow them to perform exact searches within your product catalog.

Transmit transparency and trust to your customers with the Estimate Shipping Cost module for calculating shipping costs for PrestaShop. Help your customers to know in advance the shipping costs before adding the product to the cart.

Optimize the SEO of your online store thanks to the Smart SEO URL module for PrestaShop and improve the positioning of your eCommerce. Customize the SEO factors of your store including the 5 basic functions: redirects, customization of URLs, creation of sitemaps, advanced robots and elimination of the ID in URL.

Transmit trust to users by showing real comments from your customers about the service offered by your store. With this PrestaShop module you can add the assessment of your customers about the shopping experience in your online store.

Facilitates the purchase process of your customers by providing additional informational tabs on your products. It offers all the additional information that your customers need, with this module will not have more limitations for changing tabs.

Make it easy for users to view your product images with the magnifying glass of the Zoom Product Pro + 360° module. Offer a professional Zoom to your potential customers so that they can appreciate the details of your products with higher quality. In addition, you also have the option of offering 360º views of the articles.

Increase the loading speed of your store by optimizing the weight of the images. One of the main factors that affect the loading speed of an online store are large and non-optimized images. With this module for PrestaShop, you can easily improve the images of your online store, in addition to achieving a better user experience.

Increase the loading speed of your online store optimizing images thanks to our PrestaShop module Kraken Image Optimizer. This module for PrestaShop allows easy and complete integration with the paid image optimization service This service stands out for its quality, adjusted price and its high effectiveness in reducing the loading time of...

Facilitate the improvement of the optimization of your online store by activating or deactivating the display of PrestaShop errors quickly and easily. Do you want to enable or disable possible errors to debug them from your PrestaShop store in record time? Now you can achieve it with the Toggle Errors module.

Increase the conversions of your online store by offering promotions and discounts to your customers at the most important moment of the sales process. Requirement: This module requires to have the One Page Checkout PS module installed to function and its latest version installed [minimum version v4.0.10 (PS 17) and v2.7.7 (PS 16)]

Facilitate the purchases of your products, showing customers the different collection points available in your physical stores. Offer your customers visually and clearly the different collection point options that your eCommerce has and improve conversions.

Increase your sales and don't let any abandoned cart escape you! Get in touch with those customers who have forgotten an abandoned cart with products in your online store. Help them complete their purchases by reminding them that they have pending items. Requirement: This module requires to have the One Page Checkout PS module installed to function and...

Now your customers and visitors can generate a PDF budget of their shopping cart.

It facilitates the purchase process by hiding or showing certain information depending on the type of customer. Customize the purchase forms in your online store allowing you to show or hide certain fields depending on whether the client is a company or a freelancer. Requirement: This module requires to have the One Page Checkout PS module installed to...

Improve your store's product delivery service by managing carriers more efficiently and offering more options to your customers. Create and configure carriers for your eCommerce depending on the country, city and / or province that interests you.

It was never so easy and fast to buy online! Now with our module Nequi for Colombia, you can pay by scanning a QR code or via a push notification.

Facilitate the purchase process of your online store for your customers with the integration of a secure and easy-to-use payment method. Easy, fast and secure integration of payments through ePayco Colombia.

Save time and simplify the invoicing process by connecting your PrestaShop store with Alegra Colombia using this module. Maximize your productivity!

Improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce by allowing your customers to pay through different gateways. Make it easier for users to purchase your products by simplifying the purchase process with a wide variety of methods and forms adapted to payment by credit card.

Enhance the shopping experience in your store by customizing and optimizing payment options available based on the total value of your customers' cart contentsMinimum requirements: PHP 7.1.3 and PrestaShop 1.7.6.

PrestaShop modules for your store

Our PrestaShop modules are external add-ons or extensions that, once installed in your store, will allow you to add new features and improve your Online store.

With the implementation of a module in your eCommerce, you can improve the user experience, customize the technical features of your store and even integrate connections with other external tools that improve the platform's performance.

We have the best modules for your PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the most used free CMS for the construction of Online stores. But, like many other platforms of this type, the customization options that are included by default may not be what you need.

Therefore, thanks to the use of modules, you can choose different plugins to create or improve functionalities in your eCommerce. In addition, you can easily purchase these extensions and activate and deactivate them whenever you want.

In PresTeamShop you will find a large number of options that will incorporate, without the need to know code, new functionalities to your Online store. We have extensions that facilitate payment in your eCommerce, improve transport options, add functionalities to the cart, allow you to include collection points, offer offers, optimize images, improve the display of products, include customer feedback and improve the SEO, among many other options.

In short, with the implementation of any of the wide variety of modules that exist in the market for this CMS, such as the ones we offer you in PresTeamShop, you can multiply the store features and increase the profitability of your business.

Why buy at PresTeamShop?

PresTeamShop is an online store where you can purchase the best modules for your eCommerce in PrestaShop. In addition, we work to offer you updated and easy-to-install extensions so you don't have to worry about a thing. Once one of our programs has been installed, the user will be able to start using it on their website.

We also work to have our updated products compatible with the latest versions of the CMS, to avoid possible compatibility errors.

Not sure how a module works? Don't worry, in each of our products you will find the option to use a demo, in this way, you can use the extension and make sure how it works before purchasing it.