Toggle Errors - Activar o Desactivar los errores de PrestaShop

Toggle Errors

Do you want to activate or deactivate the possible errors to debug them from your store in PrestaShop in a record time? Now you can achieve it with the Toggle Errors module.

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The fact that PrestaShop works by default with the hiding of these errors makes the task of detecting and repairing them very difficult. Has it ever happened to you that for some reason your PrestaShop returns a blank screen? It is one of the most common mistakes and the most complicated to solve if you do not have information.

This is because PrestaShop, by default, conceals the errors, how to solve it?

Easy! With our free module Toggle Errors for PrestaShop you will change the blank screen by the error console, so that it will be much easier to locate the error and the files involved in it.

Once the files related to the error have been found, you can search through Google or other means for a solution to your problems. Think that, with total security, the problem you have has already happened to someone before and there is information on the Internet about how to solve it.

Toggle Errors PrestaShop

What can Toggle Error bring to your online store?

As we are going to see next, the advantages that Toggle Error has with more than those that can seem at first sight since it is going to save you many hours of time in the search and resolution of the problem.

  • Totally free. The first advantage, and without a doubt, one of the most important with which we can find, is that it is a module that is completely free. You will not have to make any kind of payment at the time of download or maintenance. Do you need more reasons to have it installed in your online store from this moment?
  • Easy installation. As usual in our modules for PrestaShop, and if you are still undecided, we have to tell you that Toggle Error is installed in a fast and simple way. You will not have to have any prior knowledge about programming. Also, once installed you can start using it without any kind of restriction.
  • Display of the error console to certain IPs. Are you still wondering what exactly Toggle Errors does? If so, tell you that what it does is connect with the error console. In this way you will not only be able to instantly identify the error that has occurred but you will be able to see the files that are involved. And the best of all is that you will be able to show them to certain IPS (programmers, store operators, etc.). There are now the times when you had to have a lot of intuition and some luck, to know why our online store had stopped working
  • 100% compatible. This module for your online store is perfectly compatible with versions 1.6 and 1.7.

Before finishing, we want to add something that is very important so that the error repair process is carried out in a satisfactory manner. And is that, if once detected, you still do not know the reason why it has occurred, and how to solve it, you have to take into account that 99% of the cases are common mistakes. This means that a quick Google search will allow you to find a way to solve it without any problem. If you add to this the fact that there is a lot of documentation about PrestaShop in the network of networks, we could ensure that you can solve practically any embarrassing situation of your online store.