About us?

We are a group of experts dedicated to providing specialized web solutions in e-commerce through the PrestaShop platform.

Since the early days of the Internet, there have been people interested in publishing and others in searching. As the market has evolved, traditional stores have moved into the digital realm. With the growing number of people making online purchases, businesses have realized the need to operate on the Internet.

Renowned physical stores now have their online version so that their customers can buy quickly and securely, thus satisfying their need to acquire products. Many stores have stopped operating exclusively in the physical realm to focus on the Internet, while others have found a balance between both. It is undeniable that operating in both realms, traditional and digital, is crucial.

Maintaining an online store is minimal, and the possibility of increasing sales is enormous. If you don't have an online store, it's time to start selling through the Internet. If you already have one, it is important to adapt it to the latest trends to retain your current customers and gain new ones.

At PresTeamShop, we specialize in empowering your store to achieve the best adaptation to your customers and products. We offer a wide variety of options to customize the appearance and expand the sales functions of your PrestaShop store.

We understand that monotony is not attractive, and having an identical store to your competition does not generate visits or sales, in addition to damaging your image. That's why at PresTeamShop, we take care of reflecting your identity in a fresh, appealing, and unique design. We work with our own designers or adapt if you already have your own.

Our modules add specific functions, and we are experts in their development. We can create bulk imports, surveys, featured images, new payment methods, and any other specific function you may need. You define the limits.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your needs. We are committed to providing you with all our experience and expertise to achieve your goals immediately.

Objectives of our company

In our team, we are committed to meeting all the needs and requirements of your product to make it visible worldwide and boost your sales. We have extensive experience in programming, e-commerce, and support in various fields. Our focus is on the most versatile e-commerce platform in the market: PrestaShop.

We understand the importance of responsibility and strive to provide exactly what you need in each project. Unlike many companies, our prices are fair, and we don't charge any extra fees. You may find cheaper options elsewhere, but the quality we deliver on time is unparalleled. We rigorously meet delivery deadlines and pay attention to every detail in each project. Additionally, we guarantee post-sales support and closely monitor each job we undertake.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and share your needs. We're here to listen to you and offer a fair and effective solution to your concerns. Find the solution you've been searching for with results that will exceed your expectations.


We stand out for being flexible and adapting to all the needs of your PrestaShop store. Our approach is based on adapting, transforming, modifying, and creating according to your requirements. Once you decide to entrust us with the job, everything is within your reach. Our utmost responsibility is to meet the established objectives.


We began our journey in web application development in 2008, and since 2011, we have specialized in the PrestaShop platform. Our focus is on creating customized modules and special functionalities for online stores. Additionally, our team of designers is responsible for adapting and creating exclusive templates. You can trust that you will have a complete team of dedicated professionals ensuring that all your requirements are fully met. Our experience and expertise make us trusted experts in the field.


We have a wide variety of exclusive modules designed specifically for PrestaShop. These modules have been highly acclaimed by our clients and have proven to be highly effective in expanding the functionality of their stores. Our goal is to provide you with a renewed approach, increase interactivity, and improve the visibility of your site, attracting new buyers and further engaging your current customers.


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