About us?

We are a group of people dedicated with a unique interest in particular: To provide the best solution in web pages with a specialization in electronic commerce (e-commerce) under the PrestaShop platform.

From the beginning of the Internet there were always people interested in publishing and others to find. The market evolved and traditional stores turned to the Internet.

Incessant growth of people buying digitally makes fall into the reality of the companies that it is necessary that they also operate on the Internet.

The important physical stores have their online version for their customers to buy quickly and safely, facilitating the need to purchase a product. Many stores left some time ago to physically operate to turn to the Internet and others found the perfect balance between both areas. The undeniable fact of operating in both the traditional and the digital ways is something that is beyond discussion.

The maintenance of a digital store is minimal, and the possibility of increasing your sales is enormous. If you do not have an electronic store, it is time for you to start selling via the Internet and if you already have one, adapt it to the latest trends to build up your loyalty and win new customers.

At PresTeamShop we are dedicated to strengthening your store, so you can achieve the best adaptation to your customers and your products. Find a wide range of possibilities when it comes to customize the look and expand the sales functions of your PrestaShop store.

The monotonous is not attractive and having the same store as your competitor does not attract visits or sales, not to mention the bad image it would generate. For this reason, the PresTeamShop team is responsible for capturing your image in a fresh, attractive and unique design; We work with our own designers or we also adapt if you already have your own designer.

The modules, add specific functions and we are experts in generating them. Massive import, surveys, outstanding images, new forms of payment, and any other specific function that you want is possible to create it. You impose the limits.

Contact us and tell us your needs, we are predisposed to provide all our experience and trajectory to meet the objectives immediately

Our objectives?

Satisfy all the needs and requirements that your product needs to be visible to the world and enhance your sales with practical and effective programming and design focused on the most versatile e-commerce platform in the market: PrestaShop.

A vast experience in programming, e-commerce and support in several areas with responsibility is paramount and the results are fundamental, always demanding the most in each job to provide what you really need.

Unlike many companies, our prices are fair and we do not charge surpluses. You may find lower prices elsewhere but the quality can not be matched to what we do when we deliver your work in a timely manner. The deadlines are met rigorously, and the details are important in each project. The post-sale support is guaranteed and we follow up on each of our work done.

Simply contact us, give us your needs, we are willing to listen to you and provide you with a fair and effective option for your concerns. Find the solution you were looking for and with the best results you could not imagine.


We are flexible in every project and we adapt to the needs that your PrestaShop store requires. We adapt, transform, modify and create. Everything is within your reach once you decide to take on the job. Fulfilling the objectives is our greatest responsibility.


We have more than 8 years of experience in website development and 6 years of experience in PrestaShop creating all kinds of modules and special operation in stores. The templates are also adapted and created by our team of designers. You have a full team of people dedicated to ensuring that your requirements are met in full.


We have several own modules generated for PrestaShop with a great acceptance of our clients, expanding the functionality of their stores. We are able to give you a new focus and increase the interactivity and visibility of your site to new buyers and further retain your current customers. Translation made with Google Translate.


Exporting quality services from Colombia to the world 🌎