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One Page Checkout PS - Quick and easy purchase on single page SEE MORE IMAGES

One Page Checkout PS

Quick and easy purchase on single page

Provide your customers one page checkout and improve your sales conversions!

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PrestaShop 1.5 - 1.6.X
PrestaShop 1.7.X

USD$ 103.28

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( 4.9 / 5) - 299 feedback(s)

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Does it increase the number of abandoned carts? Do your statistics show that users leave the buying process?

Improve your sales results with this PrestaShop module that allows you to realize the purchases in the easiest way: in one step.

"One Page Checkout PS" customer saves time when completing the purchase, accelerates the payment process and minimizes registration fields to be completed by the customer.

Easy and intuitive to use for users, saves time and minimizes the abandonment of cart. ¡Its sales will notice!


  • Require or remove fields in the registration of the purchase.
  • Easily change the name of the registration fields.
  • Create new fields in order to collect additional information.
  • Enable register right through social networks Facebook and Google.  
  • Assign default values to registration fields do not use.    
  • Show or hide totals in the summary order is not required, eg "Total tax".    
  • Show certain payment methods depending the carrier.    
  • To change images of the payment methods.
  • Color options to adapt it to your template.
  • Compatibility with the purchase without registration "Guest Checkout".    
  • Option to hide the delivery address and invoice address for virtual products.    
  • Option to register directly to customers additional groups.    
  • Validate CIF / DNI / NIF of Spain before registration.    
  • Option to place the same customer name in the delivery address or billing address to avoid repeating fields.    
  • Option to automatically generate the password of your customers and send via email.
  • Possible translation into any language from their own configuration.
  • Support RESPONSIVE templates.


  • Simplification of steps for purchasing: a single page.
  • Display of shipping without prior registration depending on the province of destination.
  • Reducing cart abandonment rate.
  • Increased sales conversions.
  • Decrease the number of calls for not knowing their customers make the purchase.
  • Display summary Cart: summary of what you want to purchase, apply discount coupons, change quantities or remove products.
  • Update information for AJAX, without annoying page reloads.
  • Easy administration from your configuration panel.
  • Translatable to any language available on your PrestaShop.
  • Is adapted easily into any template of your shop, if it meets the standards of PrestaShop and is well built.


  • Make purchasing easy, quick and clear.
  • See shipping costs without registering.
  • Modify the quantity or remove products from your cart.
  • Trust and confidence to make the purchase.
  • Design clear and clean in order to avoid confusion.


  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • Paypal Plus
  • Atos
  • AuthorizeAIM
  • Universal Pay
  • Sveaweb Pay
  • Sequra Payment
  • Mega Reembolso
  • Redsys
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • 2checkout
  • Mercado Pago
  • Payu Latam
  • and more payment methods. If you have any specific problems, our support will be responsible for help.

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
2 20% Up to USD$ 41.31
3 25% Up to USD$ 77.46
4 30% Up to USD$ 123.94
5 35% Up to USD$ 180.74
6 40% Up to USD$ 247.87



User guide Spanish.

User guide English.



Each license is valid for a single domain (not including sub-domains).

If you have PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6 and use the "Multi-Store" is not necessary to pay more licenses. When you go shopping, you should place the domain of the main store.


The license and functionality of the module is a lifetime, ie after the first 6 months, you can still use the module without free updates and without support, although the ideal is that you always have our latest version and our support for possible problems or questions.

To purchase the upgrade and expansion of support for 6 months (180 days) will have to buy this expansion paying 50% of the cost of the module (more details).


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[ADD] = Adding New Functionality
[MOD] = Modifications and upgrades
[FIX] = Fix problems or errors (bugs)

PrestaShop 1.7

V1.1.0 & V1.1.1 (05/25/2018)
[+] ADD: COMPATIBILITY WITH MODULE: Official GDPR compliance v1.0.0 - PrestaShop.
[+] ADD: Allows you to add a label under each register field to give more information if necessary.
[+] ADD: After removing all the products from the cart, the page is refreshed to show the empty cart message.
[*] MOD: Optimization of address management.
[*] MOD: Improvements and changes of version 1.6 are applied.
[*] MOD: Displays the customized availabilities of the products in the cart summary.
[*] MOD: Translation into Dutch is updated.
[-] FIX: After hiding the images and descriptions of the transports, the transport price was not shown.
[-] FIX: It does not change the color of the selected transport, always being the default one.
[-] FIX: Transports not corresponding to the country and state self-selected were shown. It only happened with visitors.
[-] FIX: Problem to change the colors of cards selected addresses.
[-] FIX: The guest checkout option could not be changed from the configuration.

V1.0.9 (04/19/2018)
[+] ADD: Now the product customizations are shown in the summary.
[+] ADD: Empty spaces are eliminated at the beginning and end of the text boxes that can cause problems when validating the form.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with CodFee payment module (IdNovate).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with Amazon Pay payment module - Login and Pay with Amazon (amzpayments - v3.2.01 - Patworx Multimedia)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with PayPal DIRECT XO payment module (paypalplus - v1.2.0 - PixelWeb)
[*] MOD: User guides are updated.
[*] MOD: Improvements in the EN and RU language.
[*] MOD: Now show the tax totals. This depends on the version 1.7 installed.
[-] FIX: Notice when going to the checkout when the fields are disabled from the delivery or billing address.
[-] FIX: Fix problem with Google Analitycs.

V1.0.8 (03/22/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the payment module PaypalBrainTree (v1.0.1 - WebDevOverture).
[+] ADD: Implementation of PrestaTrust.
[-] FIX: The arrow in the droplist was not shown.

V1.0.6 & 1.0.7 (03/17/2018)
[-] FIX: Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7.3. Always placed the default carrier independent of what the customer would have selected.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the payment module PaypalWithFee (v4.0.10 - 4webs.es).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the payment module Stripe Official (v1.5.2 - 202 ecommerce).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with the payment module ReembolsoCargo (v4.0.1 - 4webs.es).
[-] FIX: It did not show the wrapping line in the cart summary.
[-] FIX: With the active option to show the cart first and click on "save information" it returned the customer to the cart instead of keeping it in the checkout.

V1.0.5 (12/01/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module Attribute Wizar Pro.
[-] FIX: When deactivating the hook shopping cart, the modules of that hook in cart summary were still shown.
[-] FIX: Always showed the cart first before checkout.
[-] FIX: Refreshing the payments hid the content of the selected payment.
[-] FIX: Problem detected with the payment method compatibility Stripe Official.
[-] FIX: It showed the required privacy policy in the registry and it was not shown. It only happens when using our checkout register instead of the prestashop native.
[-] FIX: Activating the minimum purchase amount gave problem with the redirection at checkout.

V1.0.4 (12/01/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module MegaReembolso (v2.9.2 - AlabazWeb Pro).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module Paypal (v7.4.2.0 - AlabazWeb Pro).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module Stripe Official (v1.5.1 - 202 ecommerce).
[-] FIX: When there was only one payment method and this makes post requests, it did not work.

V1.0.3 (11/23/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module BraintreeJS (v3.0.5 - Bellini Services).
[+] ADD: Online validation of the Chilean RUT.
[*] MOD: The acceptance of the privacy policies together with the terms and conditions to make our module compatible with the laws of several countries.
[*] MOD: Languages are updated.
[-] FIX: Optimization of address management.
[-] FIX: Problem when calculating the remaining value for free shipping in different currencies.

V1.0.2 (11/06/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module Paypal with option Braintree.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module CashOnDeliveryPlus with Fee (v2.9.5 - PrestaHost.eu).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with carrier module Packetery (v2.0.2 - ZLab Solutions).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module Customers Activation.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module Rg_Chilexpress (v.1.4.0 - Rolige).
[+] ADD: Now it is possible to replace the native registration by registration of one page checkout module.
[-] FIX: Clicking on the transport image or description did not select the transport.
[-] FIX: If it did not show transports it was shown in the summary shipping costs.

V1.0.1 (10/10/2017)
[+] ADD: Displays the discounts of the products in the cart summary. (Only for versions upper to PrestaShop 1.7.2.X).
[+] ADD: Support module "KurirQ" v1.0.4 Prestanesia.
[-] FIX: Order messages were not being saved. (Only for versions upper to PrestaShop 1.7.2.X).
[-] FIX: Problem with Guest Checkout.
[-] FIX: When requesting the invoice address and not completing the fields, it gave visual problems.
[-] FIX: It leaves the header and footer again in the checkout.
[-] FIX: The DNI was always required so the country no longer requires it.

- New version for PrestaShop 1.7

PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

V2.5.6 & V2.5.7 & V2.5.8 (05/25/2018)
[+] ADD: COMPATIBILITY WITH MODULE: Official GDPR compliance v1.0.0 - PrestaShop.
[+] ADD: Allows you to add a label under each register field to give more information if necessary.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "MondialRelay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "SimplifyCommerce".
[*] MOD: The login by "Paypal" is updated according to new standards.
[-] FIX: In some payment methods at the end of the purchase the page was refreshed without any action.
[-] FIX: It allowed to create orders with obligatory fields without filling.
[-] FIX: Allows several increases or decreases in quantities.
[-] FIX: Transports not corresponding to the country and state self-selected were shown. It only happened with visitors.
[-] FIX: Problem to change the colors of cards selected addresses.
[-] FIX: Problem when completing payment with an invalid address being logged.
[-] FIX: Problem redirection to enable compatibility with the summary cart.

V2.5.5 (04/05/2018)
[-] FIX: [IMPORTANT] Error when changing country in the shipping address without being logged in.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Paypal" (Thirty Bees - v5.3.2).
[+] ADD: Option to contract and expand the translation sections.
[+] ADD: Option to search for addresses when the client has more than 4.
[+] ADD: Blank spaces are deleted at the beginning and end of text fields to avoid errors.
[-] FIX: Solution to compatibility with the latest version of "AmzPayments".
[-] FIX: Problem with the handling of the billing address and virtual products.
[-] FIX: Enabling compatibility payment methods, it was not working properly.
[-] FIX: It did not show transports in the countries that the postal code was obligatory without a format put.

V2.5.4 (19/03/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Mobs" (MyPresta.eu - v1.2.1).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "PaymentRestrict" (presta_world - v7.0.0).
[*] MOD: Samples warning message if a country is not set or selected.
[*] MOD: The text type is changed to the email input by email type.
[-] FIX: Problem with the handling of the invoice address and virtual products.

V2.5.3 (05/03/2018)
[-] FIX: IMPORTANT - In some cases empty addresses arrived in the orders.
[-] FIX: IMPORTANT - It allowed to make orders without choosing a transport.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "reembolsocargo" (4webs - v3.2.2).
[*] MOD: Improved translation into German.
[-] FIX: Error sharing translations.

V2.5.2 (02/27/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "PaymentCommision" (SeoSa - v1.3.4).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with carrier module "rg_starten" (Rolige - v1.0.4).
[-] FIX: Sometimes the delivery address arrived empty.
[-] FIX: Problems translating in the Italian language.
[-] FIX: The autocomplete of google and geonames did not load.
[-] FIX: The "save information" button could not be hidden.
[-] FIX: When trying to change quantities to products that only had one unit available, there was the loading in the cart summary.

V2.5.1 (02/01/2018)
[+] ADD: Possibility to change the colors of the blocks of the addresses that are selected.
[+] ADD: Informative message when you are editing an address and it is set as shipping and billing.
[+] ADD: Informative message if you are editing an address and try to complete the purchase.
[*] MOD: Change of icons to expand and collapse the address block, because it was confusing to add address to the clients.
[-] FIX: It does not pre-load information of the temporary address to the visitors.
[-] FIX: Problem when using only the checkout registration form.

V2.5.0 (01/30/2018)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "PireosPay" (01generator.com v1.6.17).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Bestkit_PaymentFee" (best-kit v1.6.6).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "vfcobranca" (v1.5.2).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "PaymentDiscountsSurcharges" (Silbersaiten v1.0.1).
[*] MOD: Updating of the Brazilian language.
[*] MOD: Improvement to the online validator of the email.
[*] MOD: Now resize pop-ups if you change the size of the screen.
[*] MOD: It does not allow changing the default value of the "optin" field.
[-] FIX: In virtual products it did not show all the totals.
[-] FIX: It showed the required privacy policy in the registry and it was not shown. It only happens when using our checkout register instead of the prestashop native.
[-] FIX: Optimization of address management.
[-] FIX: Correction to compatibility of the "Packetery" module (Packetery, Ltd. - v1.17) with virtual products.

V2.3.9 (11/23/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with carrier module "CodPro" (MyPresta.eu v1.7.6).
[*] MOD: Improvements in the visualization of the customized fields of products to make our module compatible with those that use this.
[*] MOD: The acceptance of the privacy policies together with the terms and conditions to make our module compatible with the laws of several countries.
[*] MOD: Languages are updated.
[-] FIX: Optimization of address management.
[-] FIX: The restrictions of the payment methods by countries when buying virtual products were not taken.
[-] FIX: Problem when calculating the remaining value for free shipping in different currencies.

V2.3.8 (11/10/2017)
[+] ADD: Online validation of the Chilean RUT.
[-] FIX: Important solution to bug of version 2.3.7 in the addresses.

V2.3.7 (11/06/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module "Culqi".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment module "KlarnaOfficial".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with carrier module "Packetery" (Packetery, Ltd. - v1.17).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "ImaxVIES".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with carrier module "Correos" and international carrier.
[+] ADD: Option to remove the links to the products in the cart summary.
[+] ADD: Option to hide the text box for order comments.
[+] ADD: Option to display a pop-up window to confirm if the shipping address is correct before proceeding to purchase.
[*] MOD: It unifies the address update in a single function to improve this process.
[*] MOD: The validation of the DNI, CIF and NIE of Spain is updated.
[-] FIX: It only showed the message of obligatory fields with the "Save Information" button active.
[-] FIX: There were no payment methods with virtual products.
[-] FIX: Sometimes the images of uploaded payments were not updated.

V2.3.6 (09/22/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "PaymentDiscountsSurcharges" module.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "CustomTextDesign" module.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "Square Official Payment" module.
[+] ADD: Slovenian translation.
[*] MOD: Modification of compatibility of the module of Correos Oficial v4.0.6.
[*] MOD: Compatibility with "Yupick" shipping method is updated.
[*] MOD: Now shows the currency of the missing money for free shipping.
[*] MOD: Improved handling with addresses.
[*] MOD: Design changed when entering the coupons in the cart summary.
[*] MOD: Google autocompletion of previous versions is implemented again.
[*] MOD: When only the customer register of the checkout, now only allows to create client account, not guest.
[-] FIX: Fixed problem in mobile with the payment "stripe_official".
[-] FIX: It corrects compatibility with the "Paypal" payment module that handles surcharges.
[-] FIX: Problem with Paypal module when activated the option "Activate compatibility with non-supported payment methods" is active.

V2.3.5 (07/27/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "MonerisAPI".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Prestalia_Cashondelivery".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "ASMParcelShop".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Redsys" (IdNovate).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Senangpay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Amanpay".
[+] ADD: Option to avoid that the shipping are reaload when changing of state, ideal for stores that always have the same carriers for any zone.
[+] ADD: Direct validation of the ID of Spain.
[*] MOD: When forcing visualization to the methods of payment no longer loads the hookPayment.
[*] MOD: User guide update.
[*] MOD: The oAuth Client class is updated.
[-] FIX: Problem saving options in Multi-Store.
[-] FIX: The selected office was not saved. Correos module.
[-] FIX: Translation sharing problem.
[-] FIX: Problem with free shipping remaining per carrier.
[-] FIX: Now calculate the VAT also changing province in the billing address.
[-] FIX: The first and last name of the billing address was replaced by the customer's.

V2.3.4 (07/01/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "swawebpayws".
[+] ADD: Option to collapse and expand the translation sections.
[*] MOD: Modification to compatibility with payment method "SeurCashOnDelivery".
[*] MOD: When registering through social networks, it is redirected to the addresses section.
[-] FIX: Solution to compatibility with payment method "firstdata": It erased the data of the credit card to the clients without registration.
[-] FIX: When creating an account by social networks, an empty address was always created.
[-] FIX: When displaying the weight in the cart summary, it was always displayed in kg and not in the weight configured by the store.
[-] FIX: Deleting products from PrestaShop 1.5, the OPC Not Delete client session was started.
[-] FIX: Improved visualization of loading.
[-] FIX: Add a discount coupon for the total of the purchase, generated error and did not allow to make the purchase as a guest.
[-] FIX: With the field "country" disabled, it did not load the state from the customer address.

V2.3.3 (06/06/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Heidelpay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "PayOnline".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "FirstData" v1.2.9.
[-] FIX: Important bug solved from version 2.3.2. The "State" field was always required to the invoice address to the customer logged, regardless of whether the customer wanted to place an invoice address.
[-] FIX: The OPC Not Delete client was duplicated.
[-] FIX: The social networking icons were not shown in the login popup.
[-] FIX: When there were no shipping and billing addresses, new addresses were always being created to the customer.

V2.3.2 (05/23/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "CashOnDeliveryPlus" Version payment and free.
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "CashOnDeliveryFeePlus" v4.3.1 (Prestalia).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "PayTpv".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Netaxept".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Bankwirediscount" v0.9 (IdeaCommerce).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Checkvat" v1.6 (Coeos.pro).
[+] ADD: Compatibility with module "Paymentfee" v1.0 (IdeaCommerce).
[+] ADD: Add more words to the Czech translation.
[*] MOD: Validate if activating the autocomplete of google, is also entered its api key.
[*] MOD: It is disabled to be able to change options to the ID fields, sometimes by error they were changed and caused problems.
[-] FIX: Solution to important problems encountered when interacting with multiple addresses.

V2.3.1 (04/25/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "StripePro".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "PaypalPlus".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "MoIp".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "MercadoPago".
[*] MOD: The order summary changes to position above the carriers and the payments when the option of "Activate compatibility with non-supported payment methods" is activated.
[*] MOD: Floating continue and buy buttons now are only visible on screens that are more than 640 pixels high.
[*] MOD: When forcing the visualization of a method of payment no longer sends to a new page.
[*] MOD: Modification of compatibility with the payment method "CashOnDeliveryPlus" PrestaHost.eu
[-] FIX: Fixed issue with module Correos Express.
[-] FIX: The social networking icon was not shown.

V2.3.0 (04/07/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Consel".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "esp_contrareembolso".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Worldpay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "Email Verification OPC".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "PProperties".
[+] ADD: When the city list is displayed with GeoNames, when you select a city, the postal code is autocompleted.
[*] MOD: When logging in via social networks, the default value of the newsletter field was not taken.
[*] MOD: More improvements on the management of addresses.
[*] MOD: Updating of the translation to the Dutch.
[*] MOD: Aesthetic little touches.
[-] FIX: Compatibility issue with stripe official.

V2.2.6 (02/28/2017)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Paypal Plus".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "AmzPayment (Amazon Payment)".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "Dibs".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "StripePayment".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "VivaPayment".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "WayForPay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "ecm_liqpay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "ThePay".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "eTransactions".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "baCodWithFees".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with version 2.0.2 "Last Minute OPC".
[+] ADD: Support for sending method "VCPostNordDK".
[+] ADD: Registration and login through Paypal.
[+] ADD: Does not delete the message of the order, so it is loaded.
[*] MOD: Improvement and internal cleaning of code.
[*] MOD: User guide update.
[-] FIX: Have several products in the cart, and then log in or register, did not show the carries.
[-] FIX: If it was deactivated not to require fiscal identification in the country, it was still required at checkout.
[-] FIX: On the checkout page, the drop-downs of some menus were not shown.
[-] FIX: The tables were always installed with MyISAM, now they are installed as configured in the prestashop.

V2.2.5 (01/10/2016)
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "MdStripe (https://github.com/firstred/mdstripe/releases)".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with payment method "ThePayBinder".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "Shargo.io".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "Soliberte".
[+] ADD: Compatibility with "djtalbrazilianregister".
[+] ADD: Slovak translation.
[+] ADD: Portuguese translation.
[+] ADD: It is now possible to define a default province to directly display the carriers and not to display it pre-selected at the checkout.
[+] ADD: An informational text is added for those who forget to fill out the invoice address.
[*] MOD: Improved integration with shipping method "correos" v4.0.5.
[-] FIX: When you registered to the newsletter and then registered as a customer, it was removed from the newsletter.
[-] FIX: Did not alert missing fields in the invoice address if this was left empty.
[-] FIX: When a customer did not have an address, the module created one automatically and showed a default status and postal code.

V2.2.4 (10/02/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "PayPlug".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "DM_Cashondelivery".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "Liisi".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "MondialRelay".
[+] ADD: Support for "CustomPaymentMethod".
[+] ADD: Czech translation.
[*] MOD: Now show social networks in the login popup.
[*] MOD: Improved compatibility with payment method "Braintree" "Peter Michael Solidum".
[-] FIX: Reloaded shipping methods when selecting a carrier already selected.

V2.2.3 (14/10/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "AuthorizeDoNet" by Presto-Changeo.
[+] ADD: Support payment method "AddGoPayNew".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "Braintree" from "Peter Michael Solidum (http://addons.prestashop.com/en/20726-braintree-payment-gateway.html)".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "StripeJS" from "Ollie McFarlane (http://omcfarlane.co.uk/prestashop-stripe-module-free)".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "InPost".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "AuPost".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "LanavettePickup".
[+] ADD: Turkish translation.
[+] ADD: Portuguese translation of the registration fields.
[*] MOD: Restricting characters in the registration fields.
[-] FIX: Do not loaded correctly popup payment methods in some versions of prestashop 1.5.
[-] FIX: It was not possible to edit the description of some registration fields.
[-] FIX: Keeping active autocomplete postcode (GeoNames), validation did not work when switching country.
[-] FIX: Repeatedly to the call of loadCarrier when you blur the postal code.
[-] FIX: In some templates to change the number of products by the box did not work.
[-] FIX: Fix problem with version 4 of module correos.
[-] FIX: Sometimes it was not possible to enter submenus, expanded and contracted automatically.
[-] FIX: Problem with new version 3.11.1 of payment method Paypal.

V2.2.2 (09/07/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "NPaypalPro".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "Authorizeaim.Net".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "PayLater".
[+] ADD: Support for shipping method "BoxBerryDelivery".
[+] ADD: Option to capitalize text fields.
[*] MOD: Improved re-use addresses automatically created.
[*] MOD: Optimizacion icons and images.
[*] MOD: Improved compatibility payment method "BraintreeJS".
[-] FIX: Problem with the save button information and purchase order, creating a new address.
[-] FIX: Wrong showed the currency format to apply a discount.

V2.2.1 (08/16/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "MultiSafePay".
[*] MOD: Now the autocomplete using bootstrap library.
[*] MOD: Now GeoNames functionality work together.
[*] MOD: Updated library that makes the validation of the fields.
[-] FIX: Final solution when the VAT number is used.
[-] FIX: Changing colors of buttons or alerts, always she stayed with a blue border.
[-] FIX: Problem saving customer information with the button on the first step.
[-] FIX: Dont show the icons of facebook and google.

V2.2.0 (08/05/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "StripePayment".
[+] ADD: Support module "Configurator".
[*] MOD: Improved re-use addresses automatically created.
[*] MOD: Improved to use autocomplete Google Maps.
[-] FIX: Solution to security vulnerabilities.

V2.1.8 & V2.1.9 (07/19/2016)
[+] ADD: Now show the remaining value for free shipping by carrier.
[+] ADD: Support payment method "msstripe".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "tranzila".
[+] ADD: Support for transport method "baliknapostu".
[*] MOD: Do not take the title from the configuration placed payment method "stripejs".
[-] FIX: Failed the compatibility with the payment method "baintreejs"
[-] FIX: Failed the compatibility with the payment method "codfee" of "idnovate".
[-] FIX: It showed bad texts VAT included when placed a VAT Number.
[-] FIX: Do not showing the color palette.
[-] FIX: For iOS and Chrome (private windows) in mobile, did not load module steps correctly.

V2.1.7 (06/10/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "payplug".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "paysonCheckout2".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "ePayment".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "optimalpayments".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "simplifycommerce".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "Ogone".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "amzpayments".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "Redsys" of "IdNovate".
[+] ADD: Support carrier module "Seur".
[+] ADD: Support carrier module "furgonetka".
[+] ADD: Option to show or not the button to register the client without completing a purchase.
[+] ADD: Option to autocomplete addresses using GeoNames.
[+] ADD: Option to display a list of cities according to the province using GeoNames.
[+] ADD: Some options remain checkbox selected, so the page is updated.
[+] ADD: 4 templates (TPL) that will allow to add extra html code at checkout certain sites are created.
[*] MOD: Updated user guide.
[*] MOD: Changed to tab automatically if the billing address is not complete.
[*] MOD: Improved compatibility with the payment method "StripeJS".
[*] MOD: When updating amounts of virtual products in the checkout, no longer does a refresh.
[*] MOD: Some design details were improved.
[*] MOD: More compatibility with existing templates market.
[-] FIX: When making a new language translations of many texts disappear but the complete translation into.
[-] FIX: Problem Free Shipping missing when calculating aggregate discounts codes had.
[-] FIX: Some problems were solved with handling shipping and billing addresses.

V2.1.6 (03/12/2016)
[+] ADD: Support payment method "CodFee" from "IdNovate".
[+] ADD: Support payment method "QuickPay".
[+] ADD: Support module "recargoequivalencia".
[+] ADD: Support module "freeshipping".
[*] MOD: Allows orders if the client is already registered, but must be active Guest Checkout.
[*] MOD: Now allows override the TPL on the template.
[-] FIX: When you run the file clean_garbage.php generated a bug.
[-] FIX: Fix warnings to have a discount greater than the total of the cart.

V2.1.5 (02/22/2016)
- [ADD] Support payment method "Sequra Payment".
- [ADD] Support payment method "Braintree JS".
- [ADD] Support payment method "Paypal MX".
- [ADD] Support payment method "Sveawebpay".
- [ADD] Support payment method "Yadpay".
- [ADD] Option to configure a default payment method.
- [ADD] Option to display the product image zoom on the cart summary.
- [ADD] Option to display product availability on the cart summary.
- [MOD] Added support more payment methods and templates.
- [MOD] Update support payment method "Stripe JS".
- [FIX] Sometimes was shown a blank page and needed to empty the cache of PrestaShop.
- [FIX] Display text in English when there is no language setting in the module.
- [FIX] Problem to edit multiple fields in the record, the popup was not cleaned properly.
- [FIX] Problem to validate date formats.

V2.1.4 (01/04/2016)
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "Mollie".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "pi_cashondelivery".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "paypalwithfee".
- [ADD] Support module "minimumpurchasebycg".
- [ADD] Pre-select the delivery and invoice address used in the last order.
- [MOD] Enhancements PrestaShop validator.
- [MOD] Documentation Update.
- [MOD] Improving the visual message of the remaining amount for free shipping.
- [MOD] Improved compatibility with module "Custom Field".
- [MOD] Visual improvements in overall module.
- [FIX] By registering through social networks, assigning the wrong password was automatically created.
- [FIX] No change color on something texts or buttons.

V2.1.3 (11/19/2015)
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "itaushopline".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "pronesis_bancasella".
- [ADD] New functionality to overwrite javascript or CSS code, without going directly to the files.
- [FIX] Problem to change the texts of the payment methods.

V2.1.2 (11/18/2015)
- [ADD] Option to force the display of payment methods, for those that are not shown on the checkout for some reason incompatibility.
- [ADD] New functionality for translations module from your configuration. Also to download translations as backup.
- [ADD] Area Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) inside module.
- [ADD] New options for colors customizing checkout.
- [ADD] Buttons continue and checkout, are now floating as long as they are not visible, this improves usability on mobile.
- [ADD] Support module "SyMinimalPurchase".
- [MOD] Corrections applied prestashop validator.
- [MOD] Privacy policy now is under customer information.
- [MOD] Improves to support more payment methods.
- [FIX] When installing new language translations of the register fields were left blank in the FrontOffice.
- [FIX] Sometimes addresses were mixed among customers.
- [FIX] Do not load auto-complete google maps.
- [FIX] In virtual products were not loaded provinces.
- [FIX] It did not validate the format of the dates correctly.

V2.1.0 (10/18/2015)
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "Realex Redirect".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "PaypalPlus".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "SveawebPay".
- [ADD] Support Payment Method "UniversalPay".
- [MOD] Improves to support more payment methods.
- [MOD] Re use of addresses automatically created.
- [FIX] Solution to problem of field validation type Date in Chrome.

V2.0.9 (09/14/2015)
- [ADD] German translation.
- [ADD] Japanese translation.
- [ADD] Dutch translation.
- [ADD] Russian translation.
- [ADD] Support payment method "PaypalMX".
- [ADD] Support payment method "SequraPayment".
- [ADD] Support shipping method "ChronoPost".
- [ADD] Support module "Alex Delivery Day".
- [ADD] Validation of the character length in the record fields.
- [MOD] Upgrade to the new Facebook API 2.4.
- [MOD] Best implementation of standards of PrestaShop.
- [FIX] Tax update according to the country to virtual products.
- [FIX] Problem loading customer data on IE.
- [FIX] The alias addresses were renowned.
- [FIX] If you click back to the browser was confirmed after order was mistakenly shown a message Paypal.
- [FIX] Not properly loaded Google Maps API autocomplete addresses if SSL is active.
- [FIX] If disabled auto-generated password were not shown the fields where the customer set a personal password.
- [FIX] No possible update and save fields in the version 1.6.1 PrestaShop.

V2.0.7 (07/15/2015)
- [ADD] Option to login through Facebook and Google.
- [ADD] Support module "rpgiftwrapping".
- [ADD] Support module "attributewizarpro".
- [MOD] Improved design module configuration. Now is fully Responsive the configuration.
- [MOD] Improve validation of NIF/NIE/CIF Spain.
- [MOD] The type date fields are now displayed according to the format of each language.
- [MOD] Major support to various templates.
- [FIX] Problem with products had different carriers.
- [FIX] Solution to AuthorizeAIM compatibility issue.
- [FIX] By changing quantities in products, now not change positions and prevents customer confusion.
- [FIX] Support geolocation of PrestaShop.
- [FIX] Do not display loading the login from Chrome.
- [FIX] If a country does not need postcode is not required place.
- [FIX] Addresses created empty and unnecessary in orders.

V2.0.6 (06/02/2015)
- [FIX] Fixed some small visual problems in the summary cart.
- [FIX] Fixed problems on brwoser IE9.
- [FIX] Duplicate payment methods on the tab "Payments" when there is active Multi-Store.
- [FIX] It was not possible to change the description of the payment methods in the module configuration.
- [FIX] The option "Show customer group list" not working properly.
- [FIX] Problem with various formats date.
- [MOD] Major support to various templates.
- [MOD] Better implementation of standards PrestaShop.
- [ADD] Part of the translation of Roman.
- [ADD] Part of the translation of French.
- [ADD] Online validate the entered email if it already exists.
- [ADD] If the module "vatnumber" is active and has active online validation of VAT number, now is validated from the checkout.
- [ADD] Support payment module "triveneto".
- [ADD] Implementation of small internal error log.

V2.0.5 (03/18/2015)
- [ADD] You can now add extra fields to be requested in the checkout process (BETA).
- [ADD] When selecting a shipping method or payment, it is marked with an border to improve visibility in mobile devices.
- [ADD] Support our module Last Minute OPC.
- [ADD] Support module PreOrderProducts of BelVG.
- [ADD] Support module My Collection Places.
- [MOD] Added support to varius templates.
- [FIX] When was registered shipping address and billing was recorded only one address.
- [FIX] In versions PrestaShop 1.5 the increasing or decreasing amounts were doubled or tripled the accions.
- [FIX] Was not removed the VAT on the purchase when entered one valid VAT Number.
- [FIX] Fixed visual problem with RTL languages.
- [FIX] Problems responsive in the summary cart.
- [FIX] Enabling the option "Show summary of cart before checkout" does not work adding vouchers.
- [FIX] Visual problems in the summary cart on Chrome.

V2.0.4 (01/29/2015)
- [FIX] Solution to several bugs reported in version 2.0.3.
- [FIX] Auto-select the country if the customer has activated the geo-location in PrestaShop.
- [FIX] Problems with window popup in some templates.
- [FIX] Creating duplicate addresses.
- [MOD] Message alert customers using Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 browser, since it is not supported in the module.
- [MOD] Added support to varius templates.
- [MOD] Support version 3 of module Correos.
- [ADD] Support shipping module Kiala.
- [ADD] Support payment module lc_paywithfee.
- [ADD] Support payment module PaypalPro.
- [ADD] Support module MegaProduct.
- [ADD] Show alert to customers using IE6, IE7 and IE8 to use a latest version or another browser.

- Improvements, solve problems and greater compatibility.

- New version for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

Ratings and comments from our customers

Todo Genial. Además el servicio posventa es inmejorable. Resuelven todas tus dudas y cualquier problema rápido, claro y con amabilidad.
This module is awesome, I love it !! And the support is great, thank you very much !!
Una pasada de módulo. ¡Recomendado!
gran modulo
El modulo facilita mucho las ventas y el servicio post venta es muy bueno.
Great helper when shopping
Great price, great module, great customer service. What else ?
Very good product!
great module and great support
Excellent product and service.
Fantástico, es un módulo genial, con infinitas personalizaciones, y con un servicio al cliente totalmente recomendable.
Todo estupendo, destacar la profesionalidad del equipo y su dedicación al cliente. Modulo imprescindible. Gracias Presteamshop
Excellent product and service.
It works fantastic, everything is perfect. Thank you
Buen módulo
Uno de los módulos que no pueden faltar en todas nuestras instalaciones de Prestashop, es el primero y más necesario que instalamos. Totalmente recomendable para no perdes ventas en la cesta de la compra.
Excelente servicio, el modulo funciona perfectamente.
Fantástico, facilita mucho el proceso de pago. Muy Recomendable.
Módulo imprescindible en todas mis instalaciones de prestashop. Servicio técnico de 10
Necesitaba este modulo y ademas un par de arreglos ya que chocaba con otro modulo que ya tenia instalado. La modificación fue rápida y totalmente satisfactoria. Da gusto trabajar con gente tan profesional.
Excelente produto, aumentou minhas conversões !
Volveré a comprarlo sin duda
Nice checkout. Good and quick help with some modifications according to special carrier with drop off points. Well done!
Diseño estético y atractivo además de conseguir que el registro y pago sea sencillo y rápido aumentando la tasa de conversión. Muy buena atención al cliente.
Muy cómodo y completo para hacer sencillo el registro. Muy buena atención al cliente.
Excelente módulo para agilizar los pagos en nuestra tienda y para comodidad de nuestros clientes funciona perfecto.
Eccellenti in tutto! :)
Ottimo prodotto e ottima assistenza
Muy buen modulo y excelente servicio
El modulo es el mejor de los que he probado para "pedido rapido", he comprado dos licencias y van perfectas. El soporte un sobresaliente!
Simplemente perfecto.
No comments
Un carrito en una sola página fiable y sobre todo muy rápido. Las opciones como el autocompletado de dirección le aportan un valor añadido más que interesante, y el soporte técnico está siempre pendiente de los fallos para solucionarlos. Muy satisfechos.
(+): Módulo BIEN adaptado a otros módulos. Soporte soberbio. (-): Se recomendó,pero no resuelto un acceso inicial para usuarios registrados, obviando ver de inicio tantos campos. Pago semestral del 50% del coste para actualizar, no como Addons Prestashop

Tratamos de mejorar nuestro producto, pero vamos a nuestro tiempo y necesidades, la idea que tenemos siempre es cada día que pase brindar un mejor producto, gracias. Las actualizaciones y soporte en addons prestashop solo son 3 meses, con nosotros es 6 meses y te damos un descuento del 50% si deseas renovar.

No comments
Excelente módulo. Fácil configuración y buena atención al cliente
Muy buen módulo. ¡Desde luego da otra imagen de la tienda! He notado un aumento de los registros. Por otra parte destacar el soporte técnico. ¡Realmente de 10! Contestan al momento y se preocupan de mirar tu caso hasta dar con el problema.
Muy buen modulo, muy completo y configurable
El modulo funciona a la perfección. muy completo y el servicio pos venta es de primera, me solucionaron todos los inconvenientes a la hora de instalar y configurar.
Hemos subido la conversión un 0,1% frente a la página con el carrito estándar de Prestashop en 1 página. El módulo es sencillo de configurar y los clientes lo usan facilmente.
El módulo es buenisimo yo es el segundo que compro y el soporte eficaz 100% lo he comprado y en menos de una hora ya lo tenía registrado y instalado un 10 por mi parte
The product is good but it has few issues like: 1. Technical support is lazy (Short, inpolite, incorrect help). 2. Small CSS issues 3. Inconsistent documentation - some things are in Documentation some stuff in FAQ (you should correct this)

We are very concerned to know that you have a problem with the support, because we do not see any tickets created by you. On the documentation we will continue to improve in this aspect, so we always have our support if you have problems or doubts.

Un módulo Genial!!
Excelente módulo, contempla todos los detalles, el soporte es rápido y eficiente. Cambia radicalmente el checkout de Prestashop. a fin de facilitar la conversión. Los felicito. Desde Argentina la Tierra del Tango "Mi Buenos Aires querido....!
Very good module
Esta actualización es imprescindible, mejora aún más si se puede la estabilidad del módulo por ejemplo en la integración con el módulo oficial de Correos
El mejor módulo para mejorar la pagina de finalización de pedido que hemos podido poner en nuestra tienda
No comments
Excelente Módulo! y lo mejor el muy buen soporte post venta.
Exelente modulo, facil de hacer servir, configurar, intuitivo, y el trato de ellos inmejorable! Me instalaron el modulo sin ningun coste adicional! Totalmente recomendable.
muy bien el trabajo, siempre excelente
Excellent product. It makes the checkout process simpler to the customer. Their technical support is one of the best I have ever come across.
Un módulo muy útil para realizar las compras ágilmente y con facilidad. Reduce el tiempo para que el usuario realize la compra. Lo he comprado varias veces y lo seguiré haciendo para mis proyectos.
Excellent product.
Es una maravilla de modulo. Me gusta las opciones de personalización que tiene y desde que esta funcionando en mi tienda online no tengo ningún fallo.
Increible este módulo. De lo mejor que hay en el mercado. Y el servicio post venta un 10.
Un producto 5 estrellas. Espectacular funcionamiento, incrementa las ventas del sitio y el soporte postventa es increible. Muchas gracias
Outstanding product. It makes checkout way easier and intuitive. Works great on mobile too. Additionally, the support is top notch.
No comments
No comments
Muy buen producto y excelente soporte técnico.
Este módulo es sencillamente lo que estaba buscando hacía tiempo. Muy práctico y efectivo. Sólo le falta la opción de poder separar Particulares de Empresas y estaría completo del todo.
funciona de maravilla. estupendo módulo
El plugin funciona perfecto.
Todo perfecto!!
Un gusto trabajar con ellos
No comments
No comments
No comments
El modulo esta pensado al detalle y es muy facil de usar, pero el servicio no tiene precio!
Buen modulo, va muy bien para tenerlo todo en una página.
Excelente, mis clientes agradecen el tener todo controlado en una pagina cuando compran. Y cuando he tenido algun extra en la configuracion los chicos de Presteamshop han sido muy rapidos y eficientes.
Modulo imprecindible si quieres hacer la vida mas facil a tus clientes. 100% recomendable
No sol por el excelente funcionamiento del Modulo, si no por el rápido y profesional servicio con el que cuenta su soporte. Totalmente recomendable
Módulo y servicio técnico de 10
Sin lugar a dudas one pagecheckout facilita el proceso de compra mejorando las conversiones. Un acierto ¡¡¡
Es una gran maravilla poder configurarlo a tu gusto.
100% Recomendado. Me atrevería a decir que el mejor módulo y mejor amortizado de Prestashop.
Es el mejor modulo que he comprado, funciona a la perfección.
Muy buen servicio.
No comments
Fantástico, vamos a meterle un buen meneo al diseño para darle nuestro toque, pero la funcionalidad, sobresaliente!
No comments
Muy rapido y eficaces, totalmente recomendable.
No comments
Buen producto para aumentar la conversión de tu tienda y buenos desarrolladores.
Excellent product thank you. Wish - I would like that the module can be adjusted to 1 - 2 - 3 columns, changing the location of delivery units, payment, baskets, etc.

It's something we have pending, be notified when it becomes available.

No suelo opinar salvo que me sorprenda y me ha sorprendido!!! realmente marca la diferencia.
Muy buen módulo y perfecto el soporte, rápido y eficaz.
No comments
No comments
Muy buen módulo y mejor soporte. Encantado con el servicio.
muy buenos
Hasta ahora el manejo que le he dado y las prestaciones que me ha dado el modulo han sido realmente Buena, Felicitaciones es un excelente Modulo
No comments
Gran módulo, imprescindible para cerrar ventas. Pero aún más grande es el servicio técnico. Immejorable, como de costumbre. 100% recomendable!
Es muy buena además funciona algo que es raro en los modulos de addons.prestashop.com que suelen funcionar pero dejándote la piel y mucho tiempo. Este programa funciona a la primera.
No comments
Fast, simple, intuitive with lots of options! Best One Page Checkout module!
No comments
Best module ever!
solo dire una cosa de este modulo. ya no podria vivir sin el. merece la pena y mucho. el echo de pasar esos 5 pasos a tenerlos todos en un paso es increible. lo recomiendo 100%. y la profecionalidad de los programadores espectacular siempre te ayudan.
Excelente modulo con un gran servicio. Lo recomiendo.
No comments
Good checkout module, but could be a lot better with the Auto capitalization feature in the fields.
Producto y servicio impecalbe
No comments
Magnifico módulo y soporte
Había probado otros, pero este el mejor con diferencia, fácil de configurar y como siempre un servicio técnico impecable. www.aynarasecret.es
soy desarrollador web y he comprado mas de 15 modulos en total, siempre todo perfecto y el servicio postventa siempre impecable, hecho en falta algun que otro cupon descuento.
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
Desde que tengo este modulo mi tasa de conversión aumento. Falta que pongáis lo de queda tanto para que el envío sea gratis y ya seria perfecto. Servicio técnico de 10
Todo OK!
No comments
Es un plugin muy completo y funciona muy bien.
Muy facil de usar, realmente alza la tasa de conversión y una asistencia cliente perfecta Muchas gracias
Liked it very much very easy to use
Un módulo estupendo, muy completo a la hora de configurar el checkout a tu gusto. De fácil instalación y configuración. El soporte técnico rápido y atento, he necesitado su ayuda para una pequeña compatibilidad con otro módulo y me lo han resuelto :)
Excelente Modulo!
It works perfect
Excelente modulo, funciona de maravilla, super facil de configurar y lo mejor! desde que lo instale aumentaron mis conversiones! 100% recomendado
Magnifico Módulo y mágnifico Servicio post-venta
Muy buen modulo
Perfect software. Few issues. Support more than made up for it
No comments
El módulo es genial, ayuda a finalizar la compra. Un aspecto a mejorar que espero se implante en futuras versiones es que la imagen del carrito se muestra muy pequeña. Se podría utilizar una más grande y sería estupendo...
El mejor checkout que he probado, aumenta las ventas y disminuye los problemas a la hora de finalizar la compra!
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
No comments
Solo el soporte es capaz de superar al modulo! Rápido y eficaz!
Brilliant bit of software, thank you.
No comments
El módulo es muy bueno y el servicio post-venta rápido y muy profesional. A mi me han ayudado muchísimo. Les doy 5 estrellas porque no se puede poner 10.
No comments
Todo perfecto! Gran diferencia del que tenia al nuevo con este modulo! Y el servicio técnico también, Si tienes algun problema te lo resuelven en el mismo dia.
Excelente producto
Muy buen servicio y resultado!!!
There was initially serious trouble and I gave up for a few months. Purchased other module but it was much much worst then this one. Returned to presteam and their did their best to resolve my problems. Everything works fine. 100% recommended +++
Sin duda un modulo imprescindible y totalmente configurable.