One Page Checkout PS - Quick and easy purchase on single page

One Page Checkout PS

One Page Checkout PS

Quick and easy purchase on single page


Offer your clients a simple and effective purchase process on one single page containing all the necessary information.

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PrestaShop 1.6.X


PrestaShop 1.7.X

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Friendly and simple sales process

What is one of the most tedious processes for a customer when it arrives at your online store? Effectively, the purchase process. And it is that, although it does not seem it, since a client chooses his products, until he makes the payment, he has to carry out a series of actions of which he can regret and not finish the purchase process.

So, why not facilitate the task to that person that will allow us to obtain benefits? Why not facilitate the way until you make the payment? Why not allow you to have a good experience in our online store and make it come back or recommend us?

Well, all this can be achieved with our module for PrestaShop One Page Checkout PS, where we propose to simplify your sales process so that your customers can do it on a single page thus avoiding cumbersome registration forms to complete the sale, endless validations, excessive purchase steps (registration, shipping, payment, confirmation, etc.). Now making a purchase will become an easy, friendly and simple process, where your customers can see the shipping costs without registering, a summary of the cart in which to modify the quantities without reloading the page.

Functionalities of the PrestaShop One Page Checkout PS module

In essence, the One Page Checkout for PrestaShop, will allow you to agglutinate the entire process of purchasing your online store on a single page. A process that you can configure in a very simple way thanks to all the features it incorporates.

  • Registration through different channels. This minimizes the registration time: the client can register through Facebook, Google, PayPal, Biocryptology.
  • Add or delete fields from the purchase record. Make them optional or mandatory. In addition, you can activate, deactivate or change the order of any field in the record.
  • Fields of the registry. You can easily change the name of the fields in the record. Or, assign them default values.
  • Google autocomplete. The customer can complete the address using Google.
  • Restriction of the means of payment depending on the shipment. The system will restrict the means of payment to be used by the customer based on the selected shipment so that the customer has no doubts about how he can pay for the order.
  • Personalization of the images of the means of payment. You can change the images of these means of payment for which you choose according to the needs of your store. And all this with the possibility of placing the title and description of the payment from that same section.
  • Calculation of the remaining money up to a discount. The customer will know at all times how much money he needs to spend if he wants the shipping of his products to be free. This facilitates the conversion and facilitates the purchase process.
  • Show or hide unnecessary information. To facilitate the order to the client, you can show or hide information that is not necessary or that does not provide valuable information.
  • Integrated translation manager. It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so you can easily translate it into the language you want.
  • Shipping and billing address. Place the same name of the client in both directions avoiding duplicate fields.
  • Templates. You can place the color you want and adapt it to your template.
  • Validation CIF / DNI / NIF of Spain before registration. With this option, the customer can add products to the shopping cart and proceed to place the order, only if the system verifies that the card entered is valid.
  • Order summary. Shows or hides totals in the order summary that are not necessary, eg: "Total tax". In addition, you can create new fields to collect additional information to the order (Only visible in the detail of the order).
  • Groups of clients. You can register clients directly to additional groups to the default.
  • Virtual products. You will have the option to show the shipping address when selecting virtual products, because normally that option and carriers are disabled.
  • Completely responsive. Compatible with mobile resolutions, so that you will also have one of the most important aspects covered: have a good shopping experience in mobile formats. Stand out from your competition! and it decreases the number of telephone calls of its clients for not knowing how to make the purchase.
  • High compatibility. This module is compatible with versions 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop. Compatible with the purchase without registration "Guest Checkout".

What advantages can you have over your competition?

When we talk about an online store, we have to talk about conversion rate, which is one of the problems that online sales have: low conversion rate, very few of your visits end up buying in your store. All these aspects reduce the overall performance of your online store, the worst of all is that often it is something that goes unnoticed.

This conversion rate will increase the simpler the entire purchase process. A purchase process like this that we are offering you that does not have the majority.

Thanks to One Page Checkout PS you will be able to do that the client does not disperse his attention in different forms since he will have everything in one. Likewise, you will minimize the sources of error since, having only one process, the errors are reduced to the minimum expression. A system error between page and page can ruin the purchase.

A set of options that gives you this module for your store developed in Prestashop that facilitates the task of the buyer so that you can get more benefits.

One Page Checkout PS is compatible with all carriers that you have configured, also has direct support for the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • Paypal Plus
  • Universal Pay
  • Atos
  • AuthorizeAIM
  • Sveaweb Pay
  • Sequra Payment
  • Mega Refund
  • Redsys
  • Sermepa
  • 4B
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash on delivery
  • PayPlug
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • 2checkout
  • Payment Market
  • PayU Latam
  • Among other payment methods from around the world.

Also, if your payment method is not supported, we help you integrate it at no additional cost.

Complementary modules

This module works very well complemented with these others to improve the user experience of your clients:

Volume discounts

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2 20% Up to 35,60 €
3 25% Up to 66,75 €
4 30% Up to 106,80 €
5 35% Up to 155,75 €
6 40% Up to 213,60 €


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MOdulo perfecto..sobretodo para mejorar conversiones en Mobile.Recomendable 100%
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