Shipping Configurator Pro | Advanced carrier

Shipping Configurator Pro

Shipping Configurator Pro

Advanced carrier


Create and configure carriers for your store by default country, city and / or province.

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PrestaShop 1.7.X


PrestaShop 1.6.X

40,00 €


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Benefits for the merchant:

  • Create groups of major and secondary cities to assign to your carriers.

Benefits for the client:

  • Great variety in the choice of carriers.

  • Prices adjusted for your location.

  • Simple installation from the PrestaShop module manager.

  • It does not require code editing or programming knowledge.

  • Easy administration and configuration from your own panel.

What does the module offer for PrestaShop Shipping Configurator Pro?

  • Creation of: carriers, countries, cities, provinces / states, groups of countries, provinces or cities.

  • Assignment of: countries, cities, provinces and groups to created carriers.

  • Configuration of the values. for each carrier in a price or weight range.

  • Use of GeoNames technology. Automatically import cities using GeoNames technology.

  • Responsive design. It allows you to be absolutely sure that the visualization is going to be carried out in an efficient way on any device.

  • It does not require programming knowledge. This is undoubtedly the main virtue of Nequi. You just have to install it and configure it to start working with it. You will not have to program anything and in a few minutes you will have it operational.

  • Integrated translation manager. It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so you can easily translate it to the language you want.

  • PrestaShop compatible. This module is compatible with version 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop.

Remember that PrestaShop zone configuration is no longer necessary.

Volume discounts

QuantityDiscountYou Save
2 20% Up to 16,00 €
3 25% Up to 30,00 €
4 30% Up to 48,00 €
5 35% Up to 70,00 €
6 40% Up to 96,00 €



PrestaShop 1.6

v.2.0.3 (03/14/2019)

[+] ADD: Create the provinces of the countries that PrestaShop does not import.
[+] ADD: Validation is added for countries with the same zip code is not duplicated.
[*] MOD: Problem loading in the javascript events of the city field.
[*] MOD: Override handling is changed.
[*] MOD: When updating transports in the backoffice, now update the transport id in our module so as not to lose the configuration.
[-] FIX: When cities were shared between groups, transportation was not returned.
[-] FIX: When modifying an address, it did not load the auto-complete of the cities.
[-] FIX: Problem when importing provinces.
[-] FIX: Problem when importing the cities of Colombia, because it falls to the city Bogotá without being able to use.
[-] FIX: When editing an address which only has one department or province the autocomplete did not display any option when modifying the city.
[-] FIX: It showed duplicate countries in Multi-store.
[-] FIX: When the module is installed and the carriers are configured from the module but it goes to the transporters section and information is saved, then, no information is configured for the transporter from the module.
[-] FIX: Allows you to return and select again country, state and city.
[-] FIX: Validate that the URL is valid carrier.
[-] FIX: The postal code format is validated in the Location -> Countries tab.

v.2.0.0 (12/12/2017)

New version for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

PrestaShop 1.7

v.3.0.0 (03/15/2019)

New version PrestaShop 1.7