Carrier Pickup Store - List the pickup points of your physical stores

Carrier Pickup Store

Carrier Pickup Store

List the pickup points of your physical stores

With the Carrier Pickup Store module you can add a list or show a Google map with the collection points of your physical stores so that your customers can select where they want to collect their purchased products.

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If there is something that customers of online stores like, it is that we make things as easy as possible. In addition, this not only benefits them, but at the same time, it will allow us to generate a greater number of conversions.

Carrier Pickup Store, is a simple and fast solution for your customers to collect their products purchased personally in any of your stores: once you install the module, your customers can select the new shipping method (called Pickup Store) in the process of purchase through a listing or a Google map that you can configure.

What features does the PrestaShop Carrier Pickup Store module offer?

There are so many possibilities with this Carrier Pickup Store that we will go on to summarize them in the most concise way possible.

  • Increase the visibility of stores. This is possible thanks to the fact that stores will be able to see or not within a Google map, making their location much clearer. In addition, the stores that you already have created in your PrestaShop will be shown, so you will not have to create them again.
  • Easy installation. It will not be necessary that you have any knowledge of programming or web design. The PrestaShop Carrier Pickup Store module will be installed automatically without you having to carry out any complex process.
  • Configure the popup according to your needs. The power of persuasion is fundamental in online stores. Therefore, this module allows you the possibility of configuring the address popup at your whim. In this way you can incorporate the colors you want or the style that best suits what you need.
  • Easy configuration of stores. The list of stores that you will be able to offer through the popup is easily configurable. In fact, these are taken from the stores themselves, which are created in a specific section of the store administration. In that simple way they will be fully available to the customer. You only have to select the one that best suits you so that it is included in the order.
  • Hide the shipping address. Bearing in mind that the intention of this module is to provide alternative addresses, Carrier Pickup Store will give you the possibility of hiding the usual shipping address, as long as you have installed the One Page Checkout PS module.
  • Compatibility. 100% compatible with our One Page Checkout PrestaShop module.

From our point of view we think that this is one of those modules that we can consider as essential. And the point of collection is always one of the key aspects of any online purchase. Why not make things as easy as possible for our customers?

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PrestaShop 1.6

v.2.0.2 (07/19/2018)

[+] ADD: Added compatibility for new address management in OnePageCheckoutPS.
[-] FIX: When there was only one carrier (Pick up store), the customer could select a different delivery address and the order was created with our carrier but with a different address.

v.2.0.1 (06/18/2018)

[*] MOD: Improvements and solutions are applied to problems found in general.

v.2.0.0 (12/05/2017)

[+] ADD: Debug mode is added to the module.

v.1.0.4 (10/03/2017)

[-] FIX: When changing from the Pick Store to another method of sending, if the client is invited empty the registration form, but if it is a registered customer, a previously saved address is selected.
[-] FIX: Correction of drop-down lists always disabled.
[-] FIX: Errors with the native checkout of Prestashop.

v.1.0.3 (04/26/2018)

- New version improved for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

PrestaShop 1.7

v.1.0.2 (07/19/2018)

[+] ADD: Added compatibility for new address management in OnePageCheckoutPS.

v.1.0.1 (06/18/2018)

[*] MOD: Improvements and solutions are applied to problems found in general.

v.1.0.0 (10/21/2017)

- New version for PrestaShop 1.7

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