Filter Products Pro - PrestaShop Module: Filter and advanced search of products

Filter Products Pro

Filter Products Pro

PrestaShop Module: Filter and advanced search of products


Make it easy for your potential customers to reach the product page they are looking for through intelligent interactive filters. Allow them to perform exact searches within your large catalog.

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PrestaShop 1.6.X

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Find products easily in large catalogs

If you have a large catalog or your products are widely distributed in many categories, the first thing you will want is for your customers to find the products they are looking for easily, easily and in the shortest possible time. In fact, it is known that very few users spend more than 2 minutes looking for the product they want. For this we propose the use of Filter Products Pro that will allow your customers to search and filter by category, attributes, features, suppliers, manufacturers, price range and custom filters.

That way any user can find, in a matter of seconds, what they need. Allow your potential customers to have full access to your product catalog.

What features does the PrestaShop Filter Products Pro module provide?

If you are still doubting whether or not to incorporate this module into your store, tell you that there are so many features that it incorporates that you will wonder how you could have gone without it.

  • Create unlimited search engines. It does not matter how many search engines you need. With Filter Products Pro you can create as many as you want since it will be the system that manages them efficiently. The only objective is to facilitate the search to your users.
  • Create unlimited filters for search engines. Offer as many filters as you need to your customers. In this way you will be facilitating the task of finding what they are looking for.
  • Customize your own filters. The power of this module for your store in PrestaShop is in the customization of filters for when you do not have the information and want to assign your own options and products as results. Whether you need a drop-down list, a CheckBox or RadioButton, you will not have a problem of any kind.
  • Do you need a filter for colors or numerical options?. With Filter Products Pro you can create columns of filters and assign the values ​​where it suits you best, ideal for colors or options with numerical values.
  • You decide where to show the search engine with drag & drop technology. The drag & drop technology will allow you to locate search engines and filters wherever you want. You will only have to decide the place that best fits your conversion strategy and drag the element there. This allows you to locate the columns on the left, on the right side, above, on the homepage of the online store or in a custom position. Even going a little further, you will be able to include the search engines in the categories, suppliers or brands.
  • Set the filter hierarchy you need. To provide greater comfort for potential customers, filters can be dependent on others and may have the hierarchy you need, at the level of category, manufacturer or article. For example: show a series of models once the brand has been selected.
  • Responsive design. Its responsive design will allow you to have total security that the visualization will be carried out in an effective way on any device. That way, you will not lose customers since they can buy from a personal computer, from a mobile phone or from a tablet.
  • Integrated translation manager. It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so you can easily translate it into the language you want.
  • High compatibility. This module is compatible with versions 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop.

And many more options that make this one, a very complete and professional module.

In summary, it can be said that Filter Products Pro should be an essential part of any online store because it offers a direct instant search for the products that the customer is looking for.

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Agradecimiento a el modulo y al equipo. A punto de abandonar el proyecto porque necesitaba un buscador que funcionara, tras meses de pruebas lo han ajustado a lo que necesito y no puedo pedir mas, Es perfecto!!!Gracias a todos por la paciencia conmigo.
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