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What for it works "Force display" of "Payment->Payment methods"?

Enabling this option, the client will be sent to a new page where the confirmation of payment method appear, increasing 1 step to buying, so should only be activated when a payment method is not displayed by a problem or an incompatibility.

Change the native registration PrestaShop by the registration module (step 1).

Do the following steps:

1. Enter the FTP to your store.
2. Go to the folder: /modules/onepagecheckoutps/public/overrides/controllers/front/ and download the file: AuthController.php
3. Now upload to: /overrides/controllers/front/
4. Go to /cache/ and delete the file: class_index.php

With this step should have already changed their registration.

Do you have a payment method that in turn has more payment methods and is not able to see the correct payment picture?

To assign the images correctly, you must enter FTP to your store and go to the path: /modules/onepagecheckoutps/views/img/payments/

After knowing the name of your payment method, for example "add_gopay_new" and the position inside the payment method that you want to place the image, starting from zero, for example:

With this information, to the image you intend to upload for each payment method, you must put the following name for example (the extension can be png, gif or jpeg):

add_gopay_new_0.png This would be the name of the image for the first position (Bitcoin)

add_gopay_new_1.png This would be the name of the image for the second position (Skrill)

So for each of the payments you have available. Remember that if you add or remove a payment method, the order of the positions will change and you must change the position of each image again.

How to change the order of payment methods?

This is not done in our module, you should go to "Backoffice-> Modules-> Positions", search for the "Payment" hook and with a drag and drop you can sort the payments.

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