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Still showing the checkout PrestaShop by default. What's going on?

You have to check the following points:

  1. Check if in section BackOffice->Preferences->Order have put the purchase one page.
  2. Check the overrides have placed in the correct paths as indicated at the time of install.
  3. Enter FTP and delete the file in the following path "/cache /class_index.php".
  4. Verify that the option "Disable overrides" BackOffice->Advanced settings>Performance is set to "NO".

If you can not solve with this, please contact us to assist you.

What should I do to put the newsletter subscription option, active and checked?

You must go to settings module One Page Checkout PS and click on the "Fields register" tab and look for the field named "newsletter", activate it and then click the icon "Edit" in the "Default value" put the number one (1), save and ready.

Testing the operation of the module "One Page Checkout PS" in the options tab there is a check to "Request confirmation email at the time of registration" If I do not understand wrong should send an email to confirm that the address is correct. I could confirm that the operation is correct.

No, that option is for the moment a customer is entering their email address for the purchase, display another textbox requesting confirmation email entered above and prevent can write a wrong email.

When the customer is going to register to make a purchase there is a field in which the following appears:
"The personal information you give is used to respond to your searches, process your orders or authorize access to the specific information. Has right to change all personal information we hold about you on page "my account ".
How I can edit that text?

This text puts it a module called "Block data privacy of customers" that can disable, remove, or configure as you like.

How to create a Google API Key to autocomplete the address on registration customer?

To click to get API Keys and follow the steps indicated by Google: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/

How to change the default value of field State in the checkout?

If you want to place a province by default, you must do the following:

1. Go to BackOffice->Modules.

2. Search our module "One Page Checkout PS" and click on Configure.

3. In the left menu click on "Register fields".

4. Find the field "id_state" and click Edit.

5. In the option "Default value" to place the identifier (ID) of the state who want to make the default.

6. After click on Save button and ready.

If you want the client should always choose the province, you must do the following:

1. Go to BackOffice->Modules.

2. Search our module "One Page Checkout PS" and click on Configure.

3. In the left menu click on "Register fields".

4. Find the field "id_state" and click Edit.

5. In the option "Default value" leave it empty.

6. After click on Save button and ready.

Any payment method is not working properly or not displayed?

When it happens that a method of payment is not shown or behavior is wrong, it is safer not to meet the standards of PrestaShop payment modules and then activate the following in the One Page Checkout PS 2.1.3 or higher:

  1. Enter the module configuration.
  2. On the tab "Payment" -> "Payment Methods".
  3. Find the payment method which is not shown and mark the "Force display" option.
  4. Save and ready, and should be displayed and functioning properly.

What for it works "Force display" of "Payment->Payment methods"?

Enabling this option, the client will be sent to a new page where the confirmation of payment method appear, increasing 1 step to buying, so should only be activated when a payment method is not displayed by a problem or an incompatibility.

Change the native registration PrestaShop by the registration module (step 1).

Do the following steps:

1. Enter the FTP to your store.
2. Go to the folder: /modules/onepagecheckoutps/public/overrides/controllers/front/ and download the file: AuthController.php
3. Now upload to: /overrides/controllers/front/
4. Go to /cache/ and delete the file: class_index.php

With this step should have already changed their registration.

Do you have a payment method that in turn has more payment methods and is not able to see the correct payment picture?

To assign the images correctly, you must enter FTP to your store and go to the path: /modules/onepagecheckoutps/views/img/payments/

After knowing the name of your payment method, for example "add_gopay_new" and the position inside the payment method that you want to place the image, starting from zero, for example:

With this information, to the image you intend to upload for each payment method, you must put the following name for example (the extension can be png, gif or jpeg):

add_gopay_new_0.png This would be the name of the image for the first position (Bitcoin)

add_gopay_new_1.png This would be the name of the image for the second position (Skrill)

So for each of the payments you have available. Remember that if you add or remove a payment method, the order of the positions will change and you must change the position of each image again.

How to change the order of payment methods?

This is not done in our module, you should go to "Backoffice-> Modules-> Positions", search for the "Payment" hook and with a drag and drop you can sort the payments.

How to create custom filters manually?

Video tutorial showing how to create custom filters manually from the module configuration.

Why I can not see the price ranges created in the filter?

When price ranges are created, they are added to your filters as options disabled, it is necessary to activate such options as shown in the screenshot:

How do I set up a search engine to be displayed only on the category page?

To achieve this functionality you must configure the search engine you want and assign the option in question Category Show on page.

When this option is selected, more options which will be asked in which categories to display the filter is enabled.

If you select the All Pages Except ... the search will be displayed in all categories except for those that are specified; if instead you select the Only pages then the search will be displayed only in the categories that have been set; in either case a text box where to insert each separate IDs comma, such category is also enabled: "3,4,15,20".

An option that says Allow filtering is also enabled if this option is enabled then the products will look must be in the category in which you are in the store, on the contrary option is disabled will find products that meet Search parameters but is in a different category in which the customer is displayed.

How to create a Facebook application?

  1. Go to Facebook Developer link and log in with your facebook credentials.
  2. Click on "+ Create New App" button. A pop-up box will appear, enter "Display Name" and select "Category" for app and hit "Create App" button.
  3. Select "Settings" menu from left sidebar then Click on "+Add Platform".
  4. Select "Website" platform".
    Enter this in "App Domains": Your domain "without" http and "www"
    Enter this in "Site URL": Your url store with "http" and "www"
    After that click on "Save Changes" button.
    NOTE: Enter your e-mail in "Contact Email" to make app availble to all user.
  5. Select "Status & Review" menu at left sidebar and change "App status" to "Yes". A pop-up box will appear for confirmation and hit "Confirm" button in the popup.

Above all pictures always get the message "The image can not be optimized"

The free service Smush.it uses a custom script to calculate the percentage reduction can lead to images, but there may be cases where the images are already optimized according to the parameters of them. This usually happens in versions of PrestaShop 1.6 and also depends on where is hosted the store.

In these cases, this module will not be useful, we can do an exchange with our other module "Kraken Optimize Image" using the service pay monthly Kraken.io.

Contact us to know your decision and do the next step.

How I can download the update a module purchased? How I can get the 50% discount?

You must be registered and validated module first. After entering your user account and click on the option "Downloads, Licenses and Discounts" and follow the steps.

Please note that updates are  free for 6 months after purchase.

PS: If you purchased the module from PrestaShop Addons and want the discount, it is necessary to make the record in our store with the same email that registered the license and then do what above.

I realized yesterday the purchase a module, but I have not yet received any link to download it. Is it normal?

It is not normal and it rarely happens. In these cases you must submit a contact form to review the case particularly.

If I buy now a module when I can download it?

After the purchase and that this is valid, you can download the module.

I have already registered the purchased module and I have not received my license.

If the purchase was made from PrestaShop Addons, validation is manual and can take maximum of 48 hours.


If the purchase is for our store validation is automatic and the license will be sent almost instantly.


If you do not receive your license after 48 hours, please contact us to assist you.

Why should I register my module?

The register module will help us to provide better support, and also with the register you can access to the free updates having for 6 months after purchase.

My antivirus detects a virus in the zip I downloaded the module, it says this? has a virus?

You do not have to worry, our module does not have any malicious code or virus unless you have a lot, just some virus programs detected as a part of our code that we have encrypted for security reasons, just happens. We develop professional modules and we will not sell something that corrupt or harmful to our customers.

Why the module is not displayed on mobile devices?

Our modules work with templates responsive, and many times has option of bringing mobile template prestashop default, and this causes the responsive template that you have installed in the shop is not used. You should do is go to Preferences->Themes find the "Enable the mobile theme" and choose " I'd like to disable it, please." with this, you can see your responsive template and modules.

How do I get my license number?

To generate the license must register the product from the module configuration, you must perform the following steps:

- Go to the module configuration.
- Click the link "You do not have a license yet?"
- In the form "Register your module" you should put your email and order number (if it is a test domain, check "Is it a development shop?") And click the Send button.
- You will then receive an mail with your license number.
- Now click on the link "Already you have a license?".
- In the form "Validate your module" enter the license number received by mail and click the Send button.
- You can now enjoy your module.

How to upgrade the version of a module?

To upgrade version a module just upload module from BackOffice and ready! ... No worry the information don't loose.

How I can install the module purchased?

This guide will help you install the purchased module: http://docs.presteamshop.com/installation/index_en.html